Can One Fall Off The Earth?

No, I suppose one cannot fall off the Earth, although my friends out there have probably been assuming I did.  I have not forgotten you guys nor have I forgotten the blog.  I have been self employed since May, working simultaneously for three jobs and between 30 to 45 hours a week, give or take.  Not much time for anything fun, except work, although we did take a lovely vacation to Gatlinburg and Chattanooga, Tennessee, for which I’ll be updating you with photos very soon.  Trying to make time to spend with family, albeit not nearly enough.  Not getting any time to spend with friends, except maybe a couple of hours a month.  Just wanted to update you and let you know that I’m working on a plan to increase income while decreasing work hours.  I’ll let you know how that one goes.  😉

I will try to make some time to return emails to my buddies who have emailed me, and will try to make the time this upcoming weekend to do an actual blog post about our goings on as of late.  So sorry I have not been current and posting as I know I should.  It is still important to me and I will try to get better at updating regularly.

I know.  Excuses…  Excuses…


Oh, and while you wait, and since you have been so patient with me, I will reward you with one of my latest photos.  These are Fennec Foxes.  These are some of the cutest furry creatures I have ever seen!  If any of you have ever read the Skippyjon Jones books, he might come to mind when you look at these sweet babies!!  I’m in my 40s and still read those funny books!!!  Of course, I got them when Hallie was little and we read them together (while, of course, using our Spanish Baby Hero voices) and they were so gut-busting hilarious, any time I need some laughter, I go read one out loud, and yes, using my Spanish Baby Hero voice.

I hope and trust that all of you are doing fantastically well.  Love ya!!  *smooch*  😉


A-Z Archive: N! Photo Challenge

Nightlife in Chattanooga…or rather, Night.  This was in the Enchanted Garden of Lights at Rock City in Chattanooga this past Thanksgiving.

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If you’d like to join us in this entertaining weekly challenge, or see more amazing shots, the A-Z Archive is led by frizztext:

And that’s all we got for today, folks.  Got a lot planned for tomorrow, so I’m quick to get to bed tonight.  Gonna be off on Good Friday, so gotta work twice as hard tomorrow.  Also, got to call a plumber.  Got a slow leak in the kitchen.  :'(  Gotta get that fixed and, hopefully, the floor won’t be damaged.  I hope the plumber can come sooner rather than later.  At least I have a job now, so I can pay a plumber.  Got to look for that silver linin’, right?  Always laugh to keep from cryin’. 

Hope y’all had a mahvelous day, dahlings!  And an even better one tomorrow.  Have a peaceful, restful evening.  That’s what I’m hoping for.  Ya hear me, Lilly!?  That means, you stay asleep!  Blegh.

Love y’all!  *squish*


Day 95 of my Project 366

Sunday Post: Nature

If you’d like to join us in this entertaining weekly challenge, or see more amazing shots and interpretations, the 2012 Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post is led by Jake:

I don’t recollect what type of tropical bird species this is, but he is sure adorable, with his leeetle helmet on, or at least it looks like a helmet.  I think he’s gearing up for football season a bit late.  Hallie says his name should be ‘Bud’.  Ya have to say it like Rudy does in the Cosby Show.  Lemme hear ya now.  Say it with me.  “Buuuuud.”

Well done!  😉

Or you could sound like the Budweiser Frog.  “Buuud.”

Silly mood, I guess.  The rain made me a bit giddy today.  I was sure sleeeeepy.  Lilly had to go out at 10:30pm and 3am, and I had a hard time makin’ it thru the day.  Used toothpicks to keep my eyes pried open.  Ok, just kiddin’.  I am still sleepy, but it was still a good day, and that’s really sayin’ something, for a MONDAY!  Blegh.  It’s all good.  Goin’ to bed early, I think.  Got some stuff to do first. 

Hope y’all had a completely terrifical day.  Love you guys!  *big squishy hug*  😉


Sunday Post: Pleasure

A short and sweet one today, folks. Me soooo tired. But I had to get my photo in for the day, or it’s just not a complete day.  Plus, got my Sunday Post pic in.  Yea!  Two birds with a post.  Poor birds.

Now, y’all that know me can probably guess what I’d post for pleasure. Ya know how I feel ’bout my girls, and traveling.

The best of both. Mama and Hallie (my brace-faced beauty) bring me the most pleasure in life. Doesn’t matter what we’re doin’ as long as the three of us are together. They are my favorite place to be. This particular shot is just outside the BlueWater Grille in Chattanooga, TN, up the street from the TN Aquarium. Awesome restaurant! Awesome aquarium! I highly recommend BOTH.

I’m glad that boat is parked on the sidewalk and not on the water, ’cause it wouldn’t be on the water. The only thing missin’ is me. Three peas in a pod,…or in a boat, but that’s ok, I’ll hide behind the camera for the photo. 😉  I was actually gonna crop this pic, but I thought the parking meter was kind o’ cute.

If you’d like to join us in this entertaining weekly challenge, or see more amazing shots and interpretations, the 2012 Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post is led by Jake:

Hope y’all had a fantastical and beautiful day.  I didn’t realize how late it was.  10pm here, and I’m off to bed.  Nighty night, y’all.  Love ya!



Day 69 of my Project 366.

Sunday Post: Expression

I saw the theme and knew, immediately, which photo to use.  I actually have a couple.  But for this post, I’ll go with “Facial Expression”.  Hallie has so many funny-faced pictures, but this one, in particular, is one of my all-time favorites.  It’s not posed or trying to be silly.  It’s the real deal.

This was taken at a carnival when we were in Gatlinburg, TN, back in May 2005. She was having a blast!  Can’t even tell she was sick, can ya?

This marks my Day 43 of Project 366.

If you’d like to join us in this entertaining weekly challenge, or see more amazing shots and interpretations, the 2012 Water Dragon Weekly Sunday Post is led by Jake:

Y’all go out there and have a beautiful day!  I think I’m gonna stay in a while and be cozy with the heat going and my cup o’ joe, and my toasty slippers.  It’s 27 degrees out there.  Brrrrr.  I do like cold weather, though.  Like it better if it would snow or hang icicles.  Makes for awesome picture-taking opportunities.


Rock On, My Brothers and Sisters

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This is part 3 of Rock City Gardens, Chattanooga, TN (May 2009).

And it serves as Day 22 of my Project 366 (making something every day of the year – posting at least one photo (whether it be old or new) I’ve taken per day to my new photo blog.  At least I’m being consistent…so far.  It’s something I really love, so maybe I’ll actually stick with this. 

And I want to say, Thank You, again, to all my dear friends out there for your friendship and support.  I appreciate you.  😉



Rockin’ Out



Rockin’ out at Rock City Gardens, Chattanooga, TN, May 2009.  Part 2

We’ve been to Chattanooga many times and never have we tired of it, even if we go see the same things again and again.  We are some serious rock lovers (more like fanatics!) and meandering through the awesomeness that is Rock City truly fills our craving, for a little while, at least.  😉  This place is one of the most lovely, colorful, and peaceful (depending on how many folks are there at the time  😉 ) sights in Tennessee; perhaps, on the planet.  Especially if you love rocks and crystals!

This is Day 20 of my 366 – Posting every single day for a year at least one picture I’ve taken.  To improve my photography skills, to meet others out there in the blogosphere, creating friendships, and to take just a little more time to really  see beauty in every day of living.

I want to thank each of you for checking out my blog, for your support, and for your friendship.  It’s such a joy to meet interesting people through this blogging world and getting to know you through your cool blogs.  There are some truly amazing photographers and writers out there, and wonderful people full of spirit, each with a story to tell.

Hope y’all have a beautiful day.  *hug*


Solid Like A Rock

Walkin’ through Rock City Gardens, Chattanooga, TN, May 2009.

I love ROCKS!  These look like some good climbin’ ones.  😉  Might get in trouble, though.  Although, that hasn’t stopped me before.  Oh, I have a kid now, so I guess I have to behave…only rocks I’m allowed to climb.  *sniff*  I can’t help it.  I’m a scrambler.

This is part 1 of Rock City.  Also, Day 19 of making something every day of the year.  I started in December, but that was just sort of a head start.  I started counting every day, beginning January 1.  Got the idea from Noah Scalin’s  Check out his blog when you get a chance, and his creative books listed on the site.

On another note, and I realize this has nothing to do with the aforementioned…

Things That Make Ya Go, “Hmmmm…”

36 degrees out.  A guy is wearing a jacket and shorts.  Things that make ya go, “Hmmmm.”  Thick fleecy jacket and thin, loose shorts.  I mean, REALLY?  And this is humid weather we have here, so it’s c-c-c-cold (I was shaving ice off the car this morning).  I see this a lot.  Is this supposed to be a fashion trend, a style, or just lack of common sense?  Please.  Someone explain, because I simply do not understand and obviously need enlightenment.  Can this be explained?  Or is he a candidate for What Not to Wear?  I may sound like a rude dude with a bad attitude, but really, I just don’t understand.

That’s all for now.  Y’all have a beautiful day.  *hug*  😉