This is Your Brain on Meditation

Seriously, with just 10 minutes of meditation, your brain calms its stress centers, reduces inflammation and improves your life on so many levels. Why would you not try this?! Did you not read the over 141 benefits of daily meditation?

Amid the chaos and busyness of life surrounding you, you can be calm and serene and focused, like this person…

So today is it – the last day of this 30 day meditation challenge.

December’s challenge brings 30-31 days of poetry – a new poem each day. That will be fun! I LOVE poetry!

I’m actually looking forward to January’s challenge of living a plant-based diet. A bit anxious but more excited to experience how much better I’ll feel, how much more energy I’ll have, growing healthier skin, a healthier and stronger body, and I’m sure my teeth will thank me as I’ll be off the coffee and the sugar. I am a Super Sugar Fiend! It’s like CRACK!! I’m sure January will be an interesting journey as I discuss my anxiety, my cravings driving me mad, and probably an angry monster of a stomach growl for 30 days. We’ll see. Maybe it won’t be as tough as I think. And maybe it’ll be worse. Time will tell. Oh no, and no wine, no cheese. I’m hurting already. No alcohol of any kind. I’ll be livin’ it up in December, babeeee!

As for now, let’s get to more benefits from daily meditation:

  1. Beat Addiction
  2. Growth Hormone
  3. Boost Melatonin
  4. Increase Libido
  5. Lengthen Telomeres
  6. Healthy Heart
  7. Life Extension Gene
  8. Less Muscle Tension

And that’s all folks. I hope some of you got something out of this meditation challenge. I hope it’s helping you and I hope you stick with it. I hope I stick with it, too. It’s like going to church – it’s so easy to get out of the habit of going when you stop. Not that it’s a bad thing. But meditation is truly good for you and me and I think if everyone in the world meditated daily, the world would be a more mindful, peaceful, more relaxing, calm, loving place. Is that enough adjectives for you? And then, maybe I live in dream land.

Oh well, on to the next…

The End

…or almost. Today and tomorrow and the meditation challenge will be done.

No mumbo jumbo – I’ll get right to it – more benefits to daily meditation:

  1. Boost Serotonin
  2. Boost DHEA
  3. Have More Energy
  4. Longevity
  5. Fortified Brain
  6. Younger Skin
  7. Relaxed Nervous System
  8. Help Infertility
  9. Break Habits
  10. Willpower & Discipline
  11. Balanced Thought

Oh, and ALSO, the more time you devote to meditation each day, the faster you will reach all of these many benefits, and the faster you’ll reach that state of bliss. So spend some time with yourself in peace and quiet and self-love, because you deserve it. Time is an investment, I realize. Invest in yourself.

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving

I hope you are having a happy day. Mine has been… a day. I allowed someone to hurt my feelings excruciatingly. I don’t think this person was meaning to be hurtful but nevertheless, it hurt. Besides, I’m more emotional around the holidays, so that really didn’t help.

And then, crazy me had to make one last trip to the grocery store for last minute items and to the liquor store for some much needed wine (not for the holiday but for ME!!!), and this sweet lady checking our items said she was happy to be working on Thanksgiving tomorrow because she recently lost one of her daughters, so now I’m ashamed of myself for having my feelings hurt. I nearly broke down crying in front of this lady but just breathed my way through it, telling myself to FOCUS on the credit card machine. Dry your eyes, Carol! Breathe!!! Do not break!!  That lady did not need my weepy nature. I didn’t want to cause her more sadness.

So now I’m home, guzzling the wine, snacking on what’s left (not much) of my 13 yr cheddar and making myself happy. I have much to be grateful for. I do not want to feel sappy – not for me, not for anyone else. I want to feel happy.

Do you have this problem? Are you over-emotional? Is it worse for you at the holidays?

Honestly, I am the most blessed person on the planet. I have a home. I have my two greatest loves and I get to see them every single day and I get to talk to them every day and kiss them.

So why can I not just be happy about all that? I mean, I am happy about that.

Why do I have to be missing someone? Why do I make it sad? I miss my dad more around the holidays. All the special days, ya know? And there are so many special days around the year, but birthdays and holidays get me every time. I’m so aware of the absence.

However, I will talk to my daddy in the morning while I’m cooking and cry if I need to and get that part done early, so perhaps around the time we’re ready to eat, I’ll have gotten it out of my system and can laugh and have a good time. And I’m sure alcohol couldn’t hurt. Really, I’m not a lush. I just sound like one.

And on to another subject, catching you up on the past two days of perks to meditating daily:

  1. Deep Relaxation
  2. Stress Response
  3. Einstein Brain
  4. More Motivation
  5. Peace Of Mind
  6. Endorphins (Cancer)
  7. Gene Expression
  8. Beat Addiction

If anyone needs for me to elaborate on any of these, just say so.

Not many days left to the meditating for 30 days and I’m sure most of you are glad as it seems not that many people are interested in the subject, but I am getting something out of it, although, honestly, I did not make time to meditate today. Or rather, I have not had time. We did the gym at o:dark:30, then home to nap for an hour, then go to work, then go grab groceries, wine and a late lunch/early supper, then home and my kiddo met me at home at the same time. Funny. She was actually behind us coming home. What are the odds? She got off just a little early. She had to catch up on some online homework so I thought I’d catch up on the blog. Gonna be a busy day tomorrow, so if I don’t make it online, have a good one.

Happy Thanksgiving of Friendsgiving! I hope your hearts are full of love and gratitude and your bellies full of good food. Enjoy.  xoxo

A Productive Day and a Question For You

So asking again – some votes are in and I want to hear from the rest of you on what the next challenge should be if ya don’t mind:

1. A new poem daily
2. Weight loss challenge for 30 days
3. Stepping out of my comfort zone daily
4. Making time to read for fun (I never seem to make time for this)
5. Purposely learn something new every day
6. Learning 1-3 new words every day (this has the most votes for Dec, so far)
7. Experiencing a plant-based diet (doing this in Jan)
8. Going caffeine free (meaning no coffee) 30 days+

What sounds interesting? Do you have any ideas for a fun challenge? Let me know. You can post here on the comments, or on the blog facebook page on my latest post, or my Instagram page under my New Challenge – Start post.

On to more benefits from daily meditation:

  1. Cure headaches
  2. Healing Thoughts
  3. Emotional Stability
  4. Compassion

Ask if you need me to elaborate.

Today was very beneficial. I was too busy this morning to get my meditation in first thing so I squeezed it in toward the end of the day. Actually, at 6pm, after work. I normally work until 430 but I wanted to finish some things so I didn’t have to worry about them on Monday.

However, while a new app was downloading onto my comp for work, I cleaned and organized different areas in my office and the rest of the house, so I got sooo much done today. I feel so accomplished.

Plus, I mowed my lawn (probably for the last time this year) during my lunch hour, so now my yard looks groomed and clean. Yea! Today was another feeling filled with happiness kind of day. I was a little irked because during each project I worked on, I kept getting interrupted, but they were sweet interruptions, so I’ll take it. I didn’t get finished with all my projects, but they were nothing that couldn’t be finished up on Monday, so it’s all good. I got the deadlines for today completed.

After work, had a few bites of glazed chicken, rice and about four seasoned green beans for supper, then a leeetle wine, cheese and pork tenderloin. Girlfriend was eatin’ good tonight, babeeee!  Yum! Then, I was too tired to bake cookies, even though I really wanted some, so I opted for a handful of peanut M&Ms.

I’m writing up my ingredients list that I need to purchase from the grocer on Saturday for everything I’m making for Thanksgiving and then another list of ingreds for the tree decorating party that weekend. Fun times will be had! And probably some spiked eggnog. And hot cocoa. And there’s always wine. Oh, and hot spiced cider. I hope the weather will be nice and chilly. My house is almost ready for guests. Just as long as I finish everything by Wednesday, I’ll be a happy camper.

Do y’all have fun festivities planned with friends and family for Thanksgiving? Or just family? Or do you have FriendsGiving and skip the family thing altogether?

I am off to work a bit on my book, and probably go find another glass of Sweet Red. I’m pitiful, I know. But for some reason, my writing is easier when I have a little liquid courage. I don’t overthink, ya know? My mind is more relaxed and flying on the wings of imagination. Can’t you just see me sitting on a wing with my glass of wine in one hand and my block o’ cheese in the other? Lol – with it being me, my hair would be blowing right into my mouth so I couldn’t access the wine or cheese.

I’m rambling… Sorry.

Anywho, y’all have a groovilicious evening and I’ll chat ya up tomorrow. Tomorrow will be fun! A Christmas shopping adventure will be going on at a local annual venue. I’m sure I’ll spend too much. Or just enough. And then lunch out with my mom, groceries, errands, and more fun stuff.

Laters taters!  xoxo

Smile! Meditation is Great for You!

Happy Friday Eve, dear ones! That’s what I prefer to call Thursday. Sounds closer to the weekend. Yea! The weekend! Fun!!! Time to clean, time to shop, time to eat out, time to work in the yard, time to cook, time to write, time to go to fun events. It seems I live for the weekend. Isn’t that horrible? I mean, I like the weekdays. I actually like my job and love who I work with/for. But the weekends mean freedom to do whatever the heck I want to do. Time off. If I choose to sleep in, I can. How about you? Do you live each day fully or do you live for the weekends, too?

On to more benefits from meditation:

  1. Become Superhuman
  2. More Brain Integration
  3. Help PTSD
  4. Synchronicity – This happens to me every single day, several times per day, and this has been going on for probably 3 or 4 weeks now.

Today was another really good and productive day. I had much more energy, but I kind of owe the gym for that one just a bit, I’d say, plus being well. Work went great – got lots done, was easier to concentrate (somewhat). I did stray a bit a couple of times but that was around my lunch hour so not sure that counts. I mostly stayed focused and was productive during those hours. I cleaned and organized during my lunch hour and again after work at 4:30. Felt so great to clear my desk and desk side table and put everything where it’s supposed to go.

Plus, I just sort of felt happier today more so than I usually do. Not sure why. Not sure if it was the meditation or just that I am practicing gratitude daily for all we have (mostly each other) but it’s nice that something has worked to make me happy. It’s not that I’ve been unhappy but I notice I don’t smile as much as I should. I look like I have resting bitch face 24/7, but I’m really not in a bad mood. I guess I fall in the rut of the daily stuff like a robot at times and my face is heavy. But today, my face felt lighter and, I don’t know, I just felt sort of filled with some joy, so that’s always a welcome treasure.

If you have any ideas for a new challenge at the end of this one, let me know what might be interesting, whether you do it with me or witness me jabbering about my doing it. I think I pinned some ideas to a post about 5 or 6 days ago. Let me know your ideas, too?

And have a lovely evening, my loves.

It’s a Beautiful Sunshiny Day!

Hello beautiful darlings! I hope your day was productive and inspired! Mine was! It’s so great to be over whatever that bug was and to have energy again, and to go back to the gym at 0:dark:30 this morning, and for Mama to be better, too. I had ENERGY today, babeeeee! I was productive at work, productive during my lunch hour, and productive after work. I did good today. I actually was still (mostly) for my morning meditation and I could focus a little better on not focusing, not thinking, just breathing and listening. I’m not gonna say I did great the whole time but I got a few good minutes in there where I could be present and mindful and pay attention to the moment. I’m learning… Slowly but surely.

So, it was a good day.

On to the next benefits from daily meditating:

  1. Chronic Inflammation (Health)
  2. Brain Balance
  3. Cure Phobias
  4. Connectedness

And there ya have it!

I am having my wine, some 13 yr aged cheddar (oh YEAH!!!!), some pork tenderloin, and just got through watching Kevin Probably Saves the World. Let me tell you, that is the best show on tv right now, in my opinion. It makes me laugh, makes me cry, gives me hope, inspires me, and makes me want to be a better person. It helps me to love all parts of me, including my weakness because we are human – therefore, we are all weak. The Good Doctor comes in at number 2. But I can wait a week or two before I watch that. As soon as I see Kevin in my dvr, honey, I am on it!!!

So now I’m off to work on my book. Wish me luck?

How was your day? How is meditation working for you? Have you tried it yet? I know, I know… Only so many hours in the day. I said that for a long time, so I know.



Hello there, dear ones! I hope your day was successful, productive, and positive. Mine was pretty nice. I spent the day being productive, although my brain strayed just for a moment – it came back pretty quickly. I will say I could not be still during my morning meditation. I set the intention to be but, MAN! I have so many things on my mind right now with not only work projects, but my book, Thanksgiving, cleaning and organizing the house, unpacking winter clothes, when to buy the tree, the tree decorating party, and on and on and on. It’s a wonder I could sit still at all today, much less 20 minutes this morning. But it was still a good day and I’m writing everything down that I need to do and when to do it, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Oh, not sure if meditation had anything to do with it but I had a sort of premonition. An uncommon name came drifting through my brain and I was like, “Oh, what a nice name. I don’t think I have any friends with that name.” 5 hours later, this person found me on social media and we became immediate friends and have been chatting every day since. How cool is that?!

More perks to meditating:

  1. T Cells & Antibodies
  2. Pure Intelligence (IQ)
  3. Thought Resistance
  4. Deepen Awareness

If you have any questions, google it or ask me. I’d be happy to help.

Soooo, how ya doin’?

It’s a short but sweet one tonight. Sleep well, darlings. C-ya tomorrow.  xoxo

Where is My Inner Peace?! I Can’t Find it Anywhere!

Good evening, dear ones. I trust you had a lovely day. Mine was just a bit strange.

Not sure what it is but my mind was just not into it today. I could not concentrate or focus to save my life. I had a lot of numbers work today and all the numbers I was looking at were jumping all over the page as if they were taking on a life of their own.

Seriously, is that what it’s like to be dyslexic? Do your numbers and letters jump around? I’m not sure what that was but I was so glad when my workday ended. I took an hour nap after that. I don’t care for my eyes to play tricks on me like that. Not fun.

Do you have days like that where your brain will just not compute and try as you may to focus, your brain will just not allow it? I hate it.

Anywho, not sure if I feel better yet but I made myself work anyway. And resting in the bed, mostly, ever since. I’m sure I’ll be better tomorrow. I guess my stomach does actually feel better. Just exhausted, physically and mentally. I know a ton of people have had the flu lately. I don’t think that is my prob, thankfully.

I’m kind of bummed because I had all these plans to clean and organize and then work on my book but that, like yesterday, got stomped. Oh well, tomorrow’s another day. It’s only 8pm and I’m ready to call it a night. How pitiful is that?! Maybe I need the rest. I have so much I need to do, though! Ugh. I feel so lazy and lacking any accomplishment today.

On to more benefits to meditating daily (before I fall asleep):

  1. Less Cortisol
  2. Stop Alzheimer’s, Dementia
  3. Better Than Hypnosis
  4. Balance Chakras

That was probably the best part of my day – the meditation, as it helped me to slow down my mind a little. Just a little. I didn’t exactly quiet my mind in meditation today – that’s super hard for me. After that, I exhausted myself with my mind going at what seems a million miles an hour. What’s that about?! I thought meditation was supposed to help steady my mind, not speed the thing up?! I just feel crazy today. Hoping tomorrow is much better. I feel like my brain and body ran a friggin’ marathon today. I’m tellin’ ya, I am weird. Is it the meditation that’s making me crazy?!

Oh, and my brain has come up with things I forgot I needed to do, so now I feel the need to add about 50 more things to my already too long To-Do list.

Kill. Me.

Do y’all have insane days like this?

I suppose I can say that I do have more days lately where I can focus better – just not today – and I’m sleeping deeper, which is saying a lot. I’m such a light sleeper, usually, that I can hear when a cat or other creature is walking in the grass outside my bedroom window. I live in the country so we get plenty of wild animals. Lately, though, sleep has been better, deeper, and I’m starting to remember some creative dreams, which is super cool. Not sure if that’s the meditation or not, but I’ll take it.

Have you been meditating at all? What’s it like for you? Are you experiencing benefits or is it making you crazy?

Shutting down early –

Not feeling fantastic so gonna cut it short this evening. I do want to say that I had the coolest dream last night or this morning and when I had to get up to walk Buddy, I had to stay up and write it down. I love it when I have creative dreams. Don’t you? And yes, I actually stayed up writing and planning my day and week, although my plans for the rest of today are squashed since I’m about to climb into bed with some hot tea and a heating pad on my belly. I do wish it would hurry up and rain because that just soothes my soul. Praying this achey belly is gone by tonight or when I wake in the morning. Blegh.

So, here are four, no, let’s make it 8 again, to make up for another day I missed posting – 8 more ways daily meditation benefits you:

  1. Extinguish Inflammation
  2. Super-Antioxidant
  3. Beat Bipolar Disorder
  4. How Thoughts Heal
  5. Fearless Brain
  6. Calm Brain
  7. Awaken Intuition
  8. Open Third Eye

Okay, now we are all caught up and this was your day 12 of the meditation challenge. I’m wondering if any of you are meditating. Or are you all too busy with the holidays and work? Just not interested in trying it? I’m curious. Please give me a shout and let me know if you are into trying this meditation thing, if you like it, if you hate it, or if you couldn’t give a freakin’ fruitcake about it. Lemme know?

G’ night. xoxo


Meditation Station – Then a Girl, Some Wine & a Book

Such a good day today. We went deeper into the country and had our family and senior casual pics made. Beautiful log cabin, amazing talented photographer, great props and scenery to work with, and now we are going to have a gazillion pictures to go through to pick out all the best ones – so many great photos – we already saw some on the photog’s computer in between sets. A perfect, albeit chilly, sunshiny day so the lighting was fab. Can hardly wait to see all the pics!

So I know it’s the weekend and y’all are super busy so I won’t keep you for long. I’ll get right to it.

More perks to daily meditating – and I think I’ll add an extra 4 advantages to make up for Day 1 that should have been on Nov 1 –

  1. Lower respiratory rate.
  2. Access deep mind.
  3. Overcome shyness.
  4. Higher consciousness.
  5. Master stress.
  6. Tame monkey mind.
  7. Happiness.
  8. Kundalini Rising.

If you have any questions or would like for me to elaborate on anything, holla! And let me know if you would like me to add more guided/unguided meditations to check out. I’m always here to help a friend out! I’ve been going by the Chopra & Oprah Meditations for their 21 day challenge. Let me know if you need the link again from I think it’s day 2 or 3?

And with that, I will wrap it up so you can get to your next thing. I am off to pour myself a glass or two of wine, cut me some chunks of 8 yr aged cheddar (yeeeeaaahhh baby!) and work on my book. I’ve had to take a little break from it but now I’m ready to jump back on the wagon and finish this sucker. Wish me luck?

Y’all have a fantastic rest of your evening! Love ya! Feel free to drop me a line, about meditation, or about anything at all. Let’s chat!  😀

Oh, and a question for you – What should be our next challenge? I know many of you are NOT into the whole meditation thing, so what would be a challenge that you would enjoy participating in and how long should it last? Your thoughts?

Some ideas –

  1. Weight loss challenge for 30 days +
  2. Stepping out of your comfort zone challenge 30 days +
  3. Making time to read for fun 30 days+
  4. Purposely learn something new every day 30 days+
  5. Learning 1 to 3 new words every day 30 days+
  6. Experiencing a green or plant-based diet for 30 days+
  7. Going caffeine free (meaning no coffee) 30 days+

Some of these might sound lame. I’m just throwing some ideas out. What are your ideas? I’m interested!

-Carol xoxo