Meet Strength. Have strength. Make strength. Find strength. Be strong. My latest addition to the store. It’s a pocket/purse pal. I can also turn this into a pendant.

More writing posts to come shortly…

Smooches!  xoxo


Journey From Self to Soul


I’ve been across the great divide

A journey from self to soul

Much I’ve learned but cannot decide

The single thing that made me whole


At once I believed I had peaked

Would the rest be all downhill?

The incline was rigid and steep

Reaching the top, I just stood still


I had been blind to my own trail

Couldn’t see beyond the rocks

Couldn’t see through the clouded veil

Couldn’t see past self cast blocks


Standing there, I took in the air

Juniper sweet and setting sun

A larger mountain and a prayer

My journey had only begun


I struggled through the entire climb

More focused on resulting end

Thinking at the top, I’d win the prize

Instead it’s where I begin


Letting go of a place to get to

New purpose to connect each day

Joy be found in the walk and view

And souls embraced bar the way

Red and Green…and Imagining

I was clickin’ through pictures, and I believe I may have posted this one before, but I don’t care.  The red and green remind me of Christmas.  The path and stairway look magical as if to lead to limitless magic and (to borrow words from Warehouse 13:) endless wonder.  We were already surrounded by boundless beauty, as we were in Rock City Gardens in Chattanooga, Tennessee – one of our all time favorite places.

Rock City Gardens is one of the most beautiful places on earth – right up there in the top 10.  I am such a huge fan of rocks.  Small rocks, crystals, stones.  Medium sized for sitting on, climbing.  And gynormous ones for their striking beauty, majesty, strength, and again, climbing.  Oh, did I mention how much I love to climb?  Besides that, Rock City is full of beautiful shades of green, but truly, there are all colors of the rainbow that can be found along the paths of Rock City Gardens.  Once you’ve been, you’ll want to go again and again.  It never looks the same.  It never gets boring.  It is always breathtaking.  Plus, once you get to the top of Lookout Mountain, you can see 7 states all at once.  Now, how cool is that?
Back to magical stairways.
Mama, Hallie and I went to the movies to see The Hobbit today.  Awesome!!!!  I’m a huge sci-fi fan.  I love Lord of the Rings.  Love J. R. R. Tolkien.  Love most anything filmed in New Zealand.  And many parts of Rock City Gardens seem as mystical as those meandering paths, hills and lands traveled by Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, as well as their many traveling companions.

What can you imagine is under that cliff?  What’s at the top of the stairway?  Use that colorful imagination of yours.  What kind of story can you come up with.  Sounds fun!  I think I’ll go write!

Nighty night!  God speed!  Sleep tight!  Adventuresome dreams!



Go Tell It On The Mountain

that Jesus Christ is born!! He is the reason for the season, ya know? Thanks God, for sending Jesus. Thanks for Christmas – the best birthday of all.

One of my top 10 places to visit, and we have visited this place more often than any other. Chattanooga, Tennessee.

My favorite destinations, thus far:
Blue Ridge Mountains/ Blue Ridge Parkway/ Shenandoah Parkway, USA
Anchorage, Alaska (and the outskirts), USA
Montana, USA
Wyoming, USA
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA
Norman & Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (and the outskirts), USA
Disney, Orlando, Florida, USA
Anywhere I go with Hallie and Mama
…oh, and I just have to squeeze in an 11th – Sedona, Arizona, USA

What are your top ten destinations?

Sedona, How Do I Love Thee?

One of my favorite, most beautiful, magical places on earth. Sedona, Arizona.


Oh my. And how!

Sort of the picture of my day. I think rocks are awesome and beautiful and always an inviting climb. However, today, that is not quite how they are perceived as describing said day. My day? Rocky? Topsy turvy! Actually, it might be fun to pick up one of these said rocks and throw it at someone… missing them… of course…

Ok, it all started with my fault. I was chasing Lilly (you’ve seen her… our little short, hairy, black and tan, grinning monster) through the house this morning (as she loves to play chase) and I must have turned wrong, twisting a muscle in my back. Knocked the air right outta me! Been in pain all day. Then, coming to work, to deal with just a sunshiny, bubbly, happy to be surrounded by a joy of a person (NOT!!!) and trying very hard to bite my lip instead of screaming “BITE ME!!!” Oh, whenever this person comes into the office, he is a joy. Always. But that’s ok. I’ve been self-medicating all day. Bayer Back & Body aspirin (every 4 hrs – NOT helping), overdosing on Hershey’s Kisses (every 4 minutes – helping a little). Hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Right? Anywho, one more hour to go, and I get to go pick up my sweet babe. She’s always good medicine. Please say a little prayer? I don’t normally complain, but today has just been complete poo. I am, however, quite thankful it is Friday, and that I have chocolate in my stash drawer, and it could always be worse. It could be Monday morning. I could be completely out of chocolate. 😉

Hope y’all are having a much better Friday than I am. I will be “trying” to participate in activities with a bunch of girl scouts at a function tomorrow. More like, I’ll be watching if this back thing continues.

Love ya! Y’all have an awesome weeeeeekennnnnd! *gentle hug*



Happy Holiday Weekend, y’all! Y’all got big plans for your 3 day Labor Day weekend? We are going to mostly rest. Doesn’t that sound nice? Although, I have a couple of things to take care of, but other than that, we’ll be chillin’. Hope everything is going well your way and everyone has a safe and enjoyable long weekend. Love y’all! *smooch* 😉

The Three Gossips, Arches National Park

Moab, Utah (July 2010)

– Carol

Praying Man

Arches National Park

Balancing Act

This eroded column of rock, appropriately named ‘Balanced Rock’, stands almost 130 feet tall in Arches National Park, Utah.

(Roadtrip July 2010)

Ain’t Life Grand

Alas, another rerun. I guess I’ll download pics off the comp onto thumb drives tomorrow. Maybe this will help. I don’t know what else to do. My comp is actin’ wonky. Grrr!

Grand Canyon, AZ – 2010 Roadtrip