Master Plan 2014 and Future DAYS

I am in shock that the last month of 2014 begins tomorrow.  Where has the year gone?  Usually, I do have a tendency to make all these new year resolutions and I’m sure I still will but more importantly, I want to make a goal list or deadline calendar or Monthly Manifesto for this upcoming December, not of just things I want to get accomplished before 2015 begins but an early ambitious motivated start to those goals that will be set for starting in January.

Rather than simply updating my 101 things in 1001 days and setting up goals for 2015, I am starting a new plan.  I will not only continue to have those but I’ll have goals and deadlines set for each month and each week and break them all down into bite sized daily plans.  If we have intentions set in more bite sized portions or baby steps that can easily be accomplished in daily tasks, why not make it easier for ourselves, right?

I know that my workload has been insane and my sleep schedule has been irregular and I’m taking steps right now to alleviate some pressure, free up some time so I can attack some of my latest ambitions, as well as fit in some writing time and hang out with my imaginary friends.  Oh, how I miss them.  As well, I am planning to carve out time for real people and reading my friends’ blogs, etc.

I believe December to be uber-productive, even with Christmas coming!  I can’t wait to update my progress!!  Y’all let me know if you need a Word template for a December calendar so you can produce your own goal and project setting.  I can also set you up on months for each of 2015.

Best ways of planning?

1.  Create your master list of everything you want to accomplish, whether it be within 5-10 years time, 1 year, 1 month or 1 week.  (*TIP* – It’s easier if you can do this in an Excel spreadsheet, so you can sort it by either level of importance or date later.)

2.  Start planning all those items in your master list by adding a goal start, goal end or deadline date at the beginning or end of each task.

3.  Separate each of those items by date, so you have them arranged in order of how you would want them accomplished.

4. Start tacking those items into different project pieces, breaking them down as to small bites of action in order to accomplish each one.

5.  Put only those items you can make time for within each month, then break down the bites into the weeks and days of each month, so with each passing day, you are one step closer to reaching your goal.

***Be sure you look at your calendar every day and attack those goals.  Put reminders on your phone calendar or daily planner.  I have a reminder on my phone (usually says “look at planner project VIDEO” and in my daily planner with more details and a separate project calendar that I print out and either have it on my desk or fridge).  I might be a little OCD?

If you have any additional ideas on how to attack goals or taking action or becoming more motivated, please comment so we can all benefit from your awesomeness!!

Let’s Play 20 Questions

Okay, I’ve had several thoughts about this blog lately and wanted to get your opinion.  I don’t want to overwhelm my readers, so I wanted your input.

I have many interests and I wouldn’t mind blogging about them.  Which of the following would you be interested in reading?

1) Bible study/God/Jesus/Prayer/Miracles (I will be doing this one anyway.  I made a deal with God.);

2) Creative writing & Nanowrimo/Camp Nano (this would include challenges as well); By the way, Camp Nanoers, I’m interested in engaging in some word sprints.  Who’s game?;

3) Quotes;

4) Cooking/recipes/experimenting in the kitchen;

5) Working from home/companies to work for and who not to work for/every day life;

6) Being a divorced/single mom with a teenager;

7) Health/fitness/diet/losing weight/daily working out/super foods and what helps what and what foods hurt you/improving energy, eyesight, and well, health overall;

8) Depression, anxiety, anger issues, frustration, suicidal thoughts, grief (dealing with it & how to take action to improve);

9) Cleaning/organizing (tips, techniques, checklists) re home, schedules, life in general

10) Life in general as I sometimes talk about (with my teen, my mom next door, my crazy furballs, my insane work-from-home schedule, life in the country, Mississippi, road trips, etc.)

Okay, so it’s only 10 questions, which, in my opinion, trumps 20 (unless you just love answering long lists of questions).  So, give me a shout out.  Let me know which items you are interested in.  What are you interested in reading that’s not covered here?  I am great at biting off more than I can chew but I am determined to get back to daily blogging and creative living (writing, cooking, finishing my books) and I’m just curious what your thoughts are.  Comment me below.

And I’ll eventually incorporate photography again, but that will be added back to the blog perhaps in a couple months.

Lata babes!

– Carol