Fear Can Kiss My Rear

no fear

I realize I’m a day late with my haiku this week.  Was a c-rAZY day yesterday!  2 interviews and they were back to back and I tend to get carried away when talking to people, so it went longer than 2 hours.  I’m just lucky I got home before 2pm.  Had a great time talking with these lovely people and looking forward to posting the new YouTube vid this weekend!  It’ll be a little different than the last one.  Learning as I go…

Anywho, without further ado…

I felt so much fear
God told me to get in gear
Fear can kiss my rear

Yup!  Fear can most definitely kiss my big ole rump!  I’m tired of giving him the upper hand.  It’s time to take my life back.  Whether I fear that thing or not, I’m gonna do that thing anyway!

If y’all have a haiku you’d like to share, please do!  It can be one reflecting your week or just about any old thing.  Excited to hear what you come with.

And if you happen to check out my YouTube video (1st ever), please give me some tips on how you think I can make it better.  I need all the help I can get.  Just Google “meaningoflifeinitiative youtube” or click here.

Thanks!  Love yooze guys!!  (smooches)

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Flyin’ By the Seat o’ My Pants! Geez!

flying squirrel
Hey y’all! Happy Hump Day Haiku! Hope all of you cool peeps are doing well and have had an enjoyable and productive week, thus far. So, here’s my haiku. I will most likely have news to share on Friday (or before then) and a link for y’all to watch on YouTube, so hang on tight to your britches, kids, ’cause I’m flyin’ by the seat of mine!
Will be up this week
So all y’all can take a peek
Then for your critique
Whatcha got? 😉 xoxo

I did it!!! Thanks, God!!!


I did it today

God said to go out and play

And new friends I made


It is a new bit

I thought I couldn’t do it

Out of the park hit


He’s making me see

To live you have to be free

Drop fears within me


Hey y’all!  How ‘r’ you doin’?  I’m giddy!  Out of my mind crazy happy!  I started out excited, happy, scared to death and nervous as heck!  I have to tell you that God is so friggin’ awesome!  He filled me with the confidence and warmth I needed and soothed my nerves just enough to get through it.  And guess what?!  It was stinkin’ amazing and awesome in every way!  I found the most gracious, deep, warm, compassionate woman who agreed to interview with me and it went better than I could have ever imagined!  I also made several new friends and more people who’d like to interview when I go back next week!  How cool is that?

So, for all you out there who think you’re too old to try something new – for all those who are scared to death to face people, much less talk to them – for all those introverted people (like me) who prefer hiding rather than going out in the public and talking to perfect strangers, remember this – YOU are never too old to do something new, wild and different.  Fears are there to be faced and triumphed over.  Don’t let your fears hold you back from doing something you are drawn to do.

Now, there are healthy fears.  I mean, you will never see me jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.  Nuh-uh.

But don’t be afraid to talk to strangers.  You might just meet some incredible new lifelong friend!  I cannot get over how much this woman and I had in common with each other.  After the interview, we talked for at least an hour.  Actually, longer.  I went in at 10:30 and left after 2pm.  I believe I just made a new lifelong friend.  And several other friends.  All because I was willing to put myself out there.  Now those of you who know me – you know that’s not my comfort zone AT ALL!  But I faced my fear.  I did something I never thought I’d do and it was amazing!  And I made new friends.  And I gained more confidence in myself – something I was severely lacking.  And God helped me every step of the way!

So is there something in your mind that holds great meaning for you?  What’s stopping you from going after it?  If it’s fear, you need to look at that monster straight in the eye and say, “You ain’t stoppin’ me!  I might feel fear but I’m gonna go and do that thing anyway!  Because I know I can do it!  God will help me do it!  And Fear, I will not let you get in my way!”

Now go and do that thing!  Rock it like a boss!  And let us know how it goes because I get so tickled cheering people on!!  Whoop!  Whoop!


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Stopping Waiting – Just Do It!

stop looking

To do or not to

Praying for signs to play thru

Stop waiting – just do


Happy hump day haiku!  Do you have a habit of self-sabotage?  I do and I have all of my life.  Of course, I overcome it at different periods of my life, step outside my comfort zone a teensy bit and take a risk and it usually ends up with great results.  It’s scary, though, right?  Right.  But hey, what’s living really if you can’t be a little scared sometimes and take a risk?  I mean, isn’t it worth it once you’ve reached the other side and found some success?  You won’t ever know what’s waiting for you over there if you don’t at least try.  I’m talking to me here, too.

So, tomorrow is the day.  The first step toward a new dream of mine (actually it’s about a year old) and making what little impact I can with this cool idea.  I’ll keep you posted.  All prayers and positive vibes welcome in my tiny corner of the world.  Thanks guys!  Things are about to change!  YIKES!!!


If you want to throw your haiku up and share, that would be awesome!  I know we’d love to read ’em!


Time is Running Out

s-running time (2)

What can quickly go

Like fluid sand through hourglass

This is escaping


Happy Hump Day Haiku!  Hope y’all are having an amazing week.  Do you have a haiku you’d like to share?

Update on my project – will have to wait till next week now, due to unforeseen circumstances yesterday that changed the route of the rest of the week.  So look for news on Monday or Tuesday!  Wooo-hooo!  Wanted to get this started today but stuff happens.

Y’all have a groovilicious rest of your week!  *smooch*

Coolness Happening!


The leaves are changing

My life has new season, too

Coolness happening


Happy Hump Day Haiku!  Soooo excited!  Excited for Fall being here.  Felt so amazing this morning, had to make me some hot tea.  Mmmmm.  I’m in a baking mood again.  I have about a gallon of blueberries in my freezer.  Hmmmmm.  Ohhhh, welcome Fall.  You can stay just as long as you like.  Take up residence.  Live here forever.  I’m involved with some pretty cool things right now and I cannot wait to tell you about them!  But, well…I have to wait, so more to come.  Hold tight.

Do you have a hump day haiku ya wanna share?  Only rule is 5 syllables for the first line, 7 for the 2nd, 5 for the 3rd.  Can rhyme or not.  Can have one set of 3 or more sets of 3.




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New Beginnings – Time to Face Some Fears

YouTube 2

Here is my haiku
Equipment today is new
What’s a girl to do?

Duh! Learn to use it!
Try not to abuse it – yo
Get out and choose it

Gonna make my way
Starting a new plan today
God has said okay


So, I’m excited if you can’t tell!  Things have fallen into place for the project I wanted to start last year.  More news to come.

PLEASE say a prayer?  Nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full o’ rockin’ chairs!  But excited, too, and looking forward to it…mostly.

THANK YOU Nathan & Jessica Landrum, for this most awesome donation with which I can better begin this project!!!!  GOD BLESS YOU!!!  xoxo

Love y’all!  *smooch*

Sleeeeeeeeepy Haiku


Sorry I’m a day late and a dollar short on my hump day haiku.  Had so many projects flying through the air yesterday, I didn’t hardly take a moment to even eat.  Not complaining.  I actually LOVE my jobs!

So without further ado:

So very sleepy
Wish I could sleep the whole day
Want to hibernate

As you might have guessed, yesterday was a tiring day.  Didn’t sleep well.  Crazy dreams all night.  One of the dogs had to go out a couple of times.  Ugh.  Just dragged through my entire day.  Today is much better!  I did dream but it was interesting.  It was like watching a movie – murder, intrigue, espionage.  I was one of the characters, though I didn’t look like her, but it’s not the first time.  I’ve actually dreamed I was a cartoon character before.  Has anyone else dreamt in animation?  I’ve also dreamt in black and white, color – of course, and also black and white with colorful elements, such as:  I was in a diner.  Everything was black, white and gray, except for the counter, which was a rich dark red.  I’m a writer.  I wonder if that has anything to do with it.  If you are a writer, do you feel your dreams are more like movies and most of what you dream might make an awesome story?

Do you have a haiku?  It’s a day late but who cares.  We could play haiku every day of the week!  😉

Hope y’all are having a lovely day and have an awesome rest of your week.  xoxo

Dry As A Bone


And we’re back with Hump Day Haiku – what – week 3?  Here goes…


I wish it would rain

Land is as dry as a bone

Trees die a slow death


In other words, we are in dire need of some rain, ASAP!  Time to do the rain dance again.  C’mon, Hallie.

Y’all have a super duper day filled with nothing but awesomeness!  Happy hump day, guys!  *smooch*  xoxo


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Fall is in the Air! Yea!


Welcome back to Hump Day Haiku!  This is week 2.  So surprised I’ve done it two weeks in a row.  Ha!  Won’t you play along?


Fall is in the air

From the cool breeze to tree leaves

To apple pie flair


Won’t you play along?  The only rules to a haiku are

  1. 3 lines
  2. 5 syllables on the first line, 7 syllables on the second, 5 on the third.  Not words, but syllables.  It can rhyme or not.

A haiku is a short form of Japanese poetry.  A haiku uses just a few words to capture a moment and create a picture in the reader’s mind. It is like a tiny window into a scene much larger than itself.

Hope y’all are doing awesome!

*smooch*  😀


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