Sneaky Snake

Little girl standing tall

Sneaky snake standing small

Beneath the old oak tree

He was reaching for me

I was watching men dig the pond

No idea the snake wanted to bond

He stood as high as he could on his tail

Tried to reach my hand to no avail

He stood straight up and didn’t wiggle

The diggers and I couldn’t help but giggle

It was surely a sight and not one of fright

Not your everyday ordinary squiggle


One of Mama’s memories/stories was my inspiration for this poem. She recalled when they moved out to this old place and these men were digging out where the pond was to be. She was 11 or 12 and she was standing, watching and one of the men was gasping and pointing and motioning to her hand hanging down. She looked down and saw the most peculiar thing – a little green snake, reaching for her hand and standing on the end of his tail.

Well, you know how animals can smell fear? I mean, it’s scientific that fear has a certain odor. I think, too, that creatures can smell when people are good and kind and maybe this cute, funny little snake knew she was a sweetheart and was trying to befriend her. The man and Mama couldn’t help but giggle. She’d never seen a snake standing on its tail. I mean, have you?! Too bad she didn’t have a camera.



Prepping for January’s challenge – Plant-based diet

The only prepping I am planning to do for January is pulling back from coffee. I’m going from 6 cups a day to 1 cup a day and I started this yesterday. I can tell it’s having an effect on me as my eyes and body are severely tired. I’m just thankful I haven’t had the withdrawal headaches.

I quit the following on Dec 31 at midnight – no more meat, no more dairy, no more products from animals such as eggs, no more packaged food such as with plastic, metal cans, frozen, no processed foods, no sugar, no salt, no coffee, no alcohol. Only plant-based foods (the certified organic foods that you would find at Whole Foods or a community co-op.

Why? Well, I guess I’ll explain all that on day one if I haven’t explained already in an earlier post.

The Countdown is On!

20 days to go till the January challenge begins!!

LIVING A PLANT-BASED DIET for 30-31+ days!!

I will probably lose some weight, maybe lose some bad eating habits (I admit… I’m Carol and I am a junk food junkie), and hopefully not lose my mind during this very challenging,,, well, challenge.

Dec 15-26 cut back to 1 cup coffee per day
Dec 27-31 no more coffee, no more wine or cheese or milk
OR should I make it harder on myself and start ‘cold turkey’ on Jan 1 since that’s when it officially begins?

You be the judge. I’ll go with the majority.

Review of Oui French Style Yogurt by Yoplait

Hey guys! Just a quick review while I’m eating it for lunch and it’s on my mind. You know how ADD I am so I figured I’d get ‘er done…

I purchased the blueberry flavored Oui French style yogurt. I was afraid it would have that yogurt twang that I’m super NOT fond of, but it doesn’t have the twang, thank goodness. The flavor is nice but the thickness is comparable to Greek yogurt consistency, which I’m not fond of.

So far, number 1 on my list, as far as yogurt, is the Activia. Peach, Blueberry and Black Cherry are the best, in my opinion. The consistency is light and juicy, not pasty, and no yogurt twang. Tastes like fruity pudding and I love it!! And it’s good for you. Oh, plus the Activia is less expensive than the Oui, possibly because Oui is presented in a glass jar, whereas Activia is in a plastic container, which makes no diff to me. I like to save a buck, myself, but, it’s more than just price – I’m mostly after the flavor and consistency.

Although, upon starting my plant-based diet January 1, I will not be allowed yogurt, so I’m living it up for the rest (or most) of December.

So, still, Activia receives 5 stars.

Oui receives 3 stars.

Green Eating

So who out there knows about plant-based diets? Which plans are the best to follow? 🍎🍐🍊🍋🍇🥕🥑

This is my January challenge for the blog (living a plant-based diet). I was a vegetarian for 2 years when I was younger but I’m not so sure this won’t be complete agony, at least for the first week. Still, I’m up for it.

I guess this means I need to give up coffee too. 😭

Doing Somethin’ A Little Crazy

Ok.  Maybe a lot crazy.

I will post to this blog this weekend and update everything (adjusting your focus).  But I’ve also just now started a new blog.  It’s not a photo blog.  It’s a health and wellness blog.  A fitness/work out and diet blog.  Nothing to do with photos except maybe my before and after shots.  Starting with my before shot as my header.  Then, will change to the “new me” header when I’m done.  And maybe posting shots along the way, although I’m not fond of posting pics of myself.

90 day plan.  Losing all the weight I’m planning on losing.  I’m challenging myself.  I’m killin’ myself with these workouts. I’m crazy.  I’m hungry.

Sweating my butt off.  And that’s a good thing.

So, if ya wanna check out my craziness, or if you need support in your fitness and weight loss challenge, or you just want to offer your support in my insanity, come on over.

90 Days – Flab to Fab