Meditation Station – Then a Girl, Some Wine & a Book

Such a good day today. We went deeper into the country and had our family and senior casual pics made. Beautiful log cabin, amazing talented photographer, great props and scenery to work with, and now we are going to have a gazillion pictures to go through to pick out all the best ones – so many great photos – we already saw some on the photog’s computer in between sets. A perfect, albeit chilly, sunshiny day so the lighting was fab. Can hardly wait to see all the pics!

So I know it’s the weekend and y’all are super busy so I won’t keep you for long. I’ll get right to it.

More perks to daily meditating – and I think I’ll add an extra 4 advantages to make up for Day 1 that should have been on Nov 1 –

  1. Lower respiratory rate.
  2. Access deep mind.
  3. Overcome shyness.
  4. Higher consciousness.
  5. Master stress.
  6. Tame monkey mind.
  7. Happiness.
  8. Kundalini Rising.

If you have any questions or would like for me to elaborate on anything, holla! And let me know if you would like me to add more guided/unguided meditations to check out. I’m always here to help a friend out! I’ve been going by the Chopra & Oprah Meditations for their 21 day challenge. Let me know if you need the link again from I think it’s day 2 or 3?

And with that, I will wrap it up so you can get to your next thing. I am off to pour myself a glass or two of wine, cut me some chunks of 8 yr aged cheddar (yeeeeaaahhh baby!) and work on my book. I’ve had to take a little break from it but now I’m ready to jump back on the wagon and finish this sucker. Wish me luck?

Y’all have a fantastic rest of your evening! Love ya! Feel free to drop me a line, about meditation, or about anything at all. Let’s chat!  😀

Oh, and a question for you – What should be our next challenge? I know many of you are NOT into the whole meditation thing, so what would be a challenge that you would enjoy participating in and how long should it last? Your thoughts?

Some ideas –

  1. Weight loss challenge for 30 days +
  2. Stepping out of your comfort zone challenge 30 days +
  3. Making time to read for fun 30 days+
  4. Purposely learn something new every day 30 days+
  5. Learning 1 to 3 new words every day 30 days+
  6. Experiencing a green or plant-based diet for 30 days+
  7. Going caffeine free (meaning no coffee) 30 days+

Some of these might sound lame. I’m just throwing some ideas out. What are your ideas? I’m interested!

-Carol xoxo

Good Vibrations

Top o’ the marnin to ya! (trying to sound Irish, with my probably 10% Irish blood).

Hope y’all are havin’ a lovely weekend (with my true southern twang).

Welcome to day 5 of the Meditation Challenge! How’s it working for you, so far? Are you finding a little peace? Is it easier than you thought it would be? Or is it driving you to INSANITY AND BEYOND?!

It seems I’ve gone GIF happy. I cannot stop myself. Is it the meditation that’s making you crazy? Or is it me?

Well, let’s get to it, shall we?

Oh, wait!

For those of you wondering about Hallie, she made it safely to Tennessee. She had a wonderful time catching up with her beloved friend and she left early this morning, heading home.

Miss that little love monkey but I’ve had a nice weekend getting my roots done (I don’t think I’ll ever embrace my grays so I try to keep it the dark blonde I had before the grays starting showing up), shopping with my mom (although she’s not been feeling great for the last week, poor babe). She’s better today, thankfully.

A beloved member of our family passed away yesterday – Aunt Sallie. She had not been well for some time. She was always a sweet and funny lady. Sleep well, Aunt Sallie (1928-2017). We love you, we’ll miss you and we’ll see you soon.


Now, I suppose I’ll get to the meditation portion of today’s post –

At first, when I started meditating, I would lay on the couch, and at the time, I started meditation because I had just quit working for a devil of a woman I used to call my client. Working from home since around 2011, I’ve had various clients and sometimes more than one client. Well, she was the absolute worst. She made me physically sick. That’s bad stress and I could not contain my tears, my nerves were a wreck – shaking and stomach issues – I was so tired of letting this person continuously damage me physically, mentally, and emotionally, so I QUIT!!! I just could not deal. Now, I had over 20 years of working for attorneys, before starting to work from home, and they were perfect angels compared to her. That’s saying something!! I was so exhausted that when I tried meditating, I was out like a light. Less than 2 minutes and I was gone. That’s when I learned laying down during meditation was not a good thing.

Sometimes, I’d go sit in my tree swing – this canvas setup that has a footrest and I can lean back, put my arms on the armrests, put a drink in the cup holder, flip the headrest out of my way and just gaze upward at the tree. I have always LOVED trees. For me, trees and rain and mountains (nature) connect me more strongly to God than anything else. The tree is so strong and beautiful and resilient and loving. It shelters me. I feel like it’s holding me in its arms when I sit in that swing, as if my loving Father is holding me. I feel protected and safe.

I still sit in that swing a good bit to reconnect with that peace. It’s perfect. Absolutely perfect. And when I want an actual stay-awake meditation, I sit in my office chair, with my back supported and my head free. I have fallen asleep in my tree swing on many occasions.

More benefits from daily meditation:

      1. Whole brain synchronization – this occurs when the various parts of your brain begin to work together, resonating at the same frequencies and causing neural pathways to fire more rapidly. The left and right sides of your brain begin to work in concert with each other. Electrical activity and energy patterns in your brain become more widespread throughout the brain instead of remaining confined to certain areas. Your brain reaches extraordinary levels of performance.
      2. Quiets mind chatter.
      3. Stress less. Reduces stress or helps you to stress less.
      4. Spiritual awakening.It’s quite possible that you are now undergoing, or might soon undergo a “spiritual awakening”? Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, once your inner transformation to a higher level of consciousness is complete, likely benefits:• A bulletproof sense of inner peace.
        • True happiness, no matter the circumstances in your life.
        • Feeling at one with everyone & everything.
        • Unconditional love for all living beings.
        • Finding your true self and your true path.
        • A worry/stress/anxiety free natural existence.
        • A very fulfilled, meaningful life.
        • Deep healing of mind, body, and spirit.
        • A permanent higher shift in consciousness & understanding.


  1. Let me know how it’s working for you. It may take a few weeks before you reach any of these benefits. I actually did start to feel a shift with my first meditation, but probably due to an overwhelming need for peace at that moment, before I completely lost my everlivin’ mind, thanks to that biotch I worked for (trying to curb my language so I could be a WHOLE lot worse here – I’m developing better habits and one includes STOP cussing like a sailor).

At times, sitting there “trying” to meditate made me angry because I simply could not relax, plus the meditations I was listening to were poorly done – walking was recorded in the background, the person offering guidance either misspoke or the person editing the meditation did not listen to it and pasted parts together that did not match – and I kick myself for buying that stupid package. However, I did get a little out of it, so it’s fine. I just won’t buy anything else of hers. And why buy anything meditation related? There are so many free options out there, it doesn’t make sense to buy anything. Take it from me – Save your money. Do the free stuff.

If you don’t like the other mediations I’ve posted, here’s another. You keep thinking she’s gonna talk forever but she doesn’t, so stick with it. It lasts appr. 21 minutes.

Have a fab rest of your weekend. Let me know how the meditations are working for you.

Love and hugs,

-Carol xoxo