Reach Out and Connect With People

Hi y’all. I sure do hope you had a fabulous holiday and found tons to be thankful for. I hope you spent time with people you love, laughed and ate till your belly hurt and drank till you were merry. Even if it was non-alcoholic.

Mine was amazing. A holiday, for me, would not be complete without injury. One Thanksgiving, I sliced off the tip of my finger, slicing apples for my famous apple pie with gruyere crust. No worries, it actually grew back. Crazy, right? Who knew part of your finger could grow back? Like a lizard’s tail!? LOL! This Thanksgiving, I cut one finger with a knife preparing something the day before, and cut another finger on turkey day. No worries. A couple of bandaids and I was fixed right up. Nothing much bigger than paper cuts, thankfully.

While I cooked, I was enjoying a Cafe’ feu lait m de poule (which is hot coffee mixed with eggnog and cinnamon fireball whiskey), which is quite dreamy. I was listening to iHeart radio’s Christmas classics, dancing around the kitchen and singing (badly). Poor Buddy’s ears. He made me belly laugh when Baby, It’s Cold Outside came on. He nearly rolled his eyes and made this horrific sound (after they’d sang the same tune for about the umpteeth time) that was a mixture of sighing and growling and then he laid his head down in complete and utter dread. I asked him if he didn’t like the song and he gave me the most hilarious look, I laughed till I nearly cried. It wasn’t just his eyes. He does this thing with his mouth that says “Are you seriously asking me that after the disgust I just expressed?! You’re a genius, aren’t ya?!” My dog is the funniest little man alive! And no, I did not get drunk, in case you were wondering. I only had one mug full. I mean, I did have to cook, too.

We ate way too much. And poor Hallie had to eat two meals. She had Thanksgiving with her dad and that part of the family (they do an early lunch) and we do ours like an early supper around 3pm. We hung out with family at Mama’s, watched part of Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, talked, laughed, and groaned from eating too much.


Today, my faith in humanity grew quite a bit. We were out like crazy people going to check out the Black Friday sales and a sweet woman had just flipped her car several times. We didn’t see the car flip but the guy that came over to join us witnessed it from across the interstate. He said it flipped many times before landing belly-up. What we saw was the dust and maybe a smidge of smoke floating in the air just above the car and seeing the woman crawling out of the window. I lost count of how many people had stopped and not one person was taking pictures or videos, which seems to be the thing when something horrific happens, but everyone was concerned about this woman and wanting to make sure she was okay. It was incredibly heartwarming.

Honestly, I am down on people a lot, because of the whole taking pics and videos with their phones rather than trying to be of service, or I’m mad because people don’t know how to drive or they charge out in front of you at the grocery store without saying excuse me. Usually, people irk me. Not all people, okay? And I am trying to work on it and give people the benefit of the doubt. I mean, you never know what someone is going through. And seeing all these kind people stop and try to assist was just so loving and warmed my heart up and though, yes, I got a bit irritated with a couple of drivers today, for the most part I was believing people were/are good. It’s good to know there are so many caring selfless people. I guess I needed to witness that.

By the way, the woman only had the teensiest scratch on her wrist and she was understandably shaken but we had her laughing in no time and this helped her relax a little. Because as we all know, laughter truly is the best medicine. Anyway, she’s okay.


And for the meditation part of the post for today and yesterday…

More benefits from daily meditation are:

  1.  Gut-Brain Axis
  2. Aid Digestion
  3. Help PMS
  4. Positive Mindset
  5. Quiet Mind
  6. Better Breathing
  7. Lose Weight
  8. Build Bigger Brain

I’m sure most of you will be happy to know this meditation challenge will be over in 6 more days. And then, on to December’s new challenge – yes, a different challenge. I know how bored some of you are. I guess most people are not making time or are not interested in meditation. Oh well. It’s good for me so I’ll try to keep making time for it.


And now I’m off to rest my eyes, because one of ’em feels like it’s been rubbed with sandpaper. Ugh. Some of you women may understand. You ever feel like you picked out the wrong mascara and it feels like about 10 eyelashes have fallen into your eye? Dang. I’ve put so many eye drops in my eye since I got home but it still hurts like a motha and it’s so red. I’m sure it’s nothing a good night sleep won’t cure. I’ve rubbed it so much today, now it’s thoroughly irritated. I wish I could pluck it out, rinse it off and put it back in.

Anywho, have a lovely evening, enjoy your leftovers, and have sweet dreams. Love you! Oh, and one final thought I’d like to send you off with…

If anyone looks like they might need assistance, whether it be an accident, or as simple as someone at the store trying to reach something or pick up a bunch of items they spilled onto the floor, helping them will not only change their whole outlook but it will change your entire perspective, as well.

Think about it.


Sweet People, Life Lessons, and Meditation

Such a wonderfully fun day! Out early to go to this thing called Handworks, which is a holiday event filled with vendors from all over the U.S., bringing their wares, jellies, clothes, jewelry, pottery, toys, soups, fudge, art, most anything that can be made by hand, it’s there. I got some fun items for me and the kiddo and some nice treasures for gift giving for Christmas.

Then Mama and I went to eat lunch, grabbed some more school uniforms, and then off to get groceries. After that, home to chill with my dog. My babe had to work today, so we were missing her, but I know she’s happy to be earning some good moola for Christmas.

Don’t you just LOVE Saturdays? They have so much potential. There are so many possibilities! I mean, you get ALLLL day Saturday and then you have another day to look forward to. You get to sleep in if you want, go anywhere – I mean, the world is your oyster. Within reason, of course, but I just love the freedom, man! It rocks!

Except for those of you that work weekends. I know that sucks. I remember when I did it and I didn’t particularly care for it but you do what ya gotta do to pay the bills. Heck, I remember working on Thanksgiving Day when I was younger and that truly sucked but I remember not only my family bringing me a huge plate of food at lunch into the store, but I had different friends come in and bring me yummy food, too. See, even when you have to work on a holiday, things can still be great when you have love.

Love is the one cure for everything. Maybe not everything, but it even makes the hard things seem a little easier to deal with. With love, there is soooo much power and strength and it can make any place feel like home because love is home. I’m getting a bit mushy today, aren’t I?

Well, I’m just thinking of this sweet lady Mama and I met today. We were at the grocery store and Mama was going one way with her cart and I was going another way with my cart and I was looking at the reading glasses and I asked if she’d help me pick out a cute pair. This sweet lady just gave us both a huge compliment and then she shared a piece of her soul with us. She shared how her daughter passed away from cancer in 2009, and then she lost her husband in 2012, and lost her sister, and the years were all pretty close together. You’d think her heart would be broken and feeling lonely and pathetic. I know I would be. But she wasn’t broken.

She held a sweet light in her eyes. She teared up speaking about them and apologized for burdening us and we invited her to keep talking. She shared how she was best friends with her daughter just like me and Mama are. She talked about her boys who were still living and are so good to her and they take care of her and don’t live too far away, and her sweet grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She said she was 83 and explained that God must have something important left for her to do and she’s good with that. She said, “Not once have I asked, why me?” She said even when she was holding her daughter in her arms as she was dying at the youthful age of 49 (my age), even through her daughter’s suffering, not once did her daughter complain, “Why me?”

She had such a love in her heart and her eyes, this sweet woman, that I could feel the energy of it. Do you ever get that from people? Their power? The love they hold? Of course you do. I mean, we definitely feel people’s energy, good or bad, but the good, OH MY! I can just eat it up with a spoon! I LOVE when people share their hearts. It teaches me such a valuable lesson – or tons of lessons, in fact.

And then, at Handworks, this gentleman shared how his mother-in-law is in the hospital and she may not be here much longer. She’s 94 and so beloved by all who know her. She’s their rock. And he was explaining how she was telling him, “When God feels it’s my time, I’m good with that.” And he was sharing, with his pained heart, “We are not ready for that. Please hang on just a bit longer. Your new great grandbaby will soon be here and they have to know their Meemee.”

I can learn lessons from each of these people. Can’t you? The sweet lady in the grocery store, her daughter that passed, the man at Handworks, his mother-in-law. The main thing here is love. Love as much as you can, as many people as you can, as often as you can, everywhere you can, because life goes by in a blink. And all the while, even though we may suffer and struggle and experience tragedy and heartache, there is always, always, and yes, I’ll say it again, always something to be so thankful for, if only to have lived. To have lived on this planet is such a beautiful blessing. To experience the human existence is a beautiful thing. It’s a treasure, really, and you never know when it’s going to be over. So treat it like a treasure. I’m talking to me, too. Love. Love others, forgive them, love yourself, love your life, ’cause it’s the only one ya got, babe. Treasure your life. And share your heart, maybe even with strangers, because you never know how you may affect someone’s life with your story. And never, no matter how bad things get, never ask, “Why me?” I know I’ve complained waaaaaaaay too much and I’m gonna stop because life truly is a blessing to me and I LOVE my amazing family and we have been blessed with more than we deserve.

Just think about it.

Okay, so enough mush for today. On to more benefits from daily meditation. Oh, I didn’t do the med till 7pm, but it’s all good. At least I did it and that’s all that matters.

More benefits are:

  1. Help senior health
  2. Healing thoughts
  3. Better relationships
  4. Help Lightworkers

And one last thing before I sign off, my dear ones, I’m so much a better person for knowing you and I’m so blessed to have you in my life, even if it is in passing. For each of you that shares a piece of your soul and your story with me, thank you for enriching my life. You fill me with love and I love you for being you. Keep shining your light and never forget the power of sharing your love and your heart with a stranger, or even just listening. Sometimes that’s all a person needs. You don’t have to understand or always have something to say. Sometimes listening is enough. I love you, sweet babies.  xoxo

It is a Small World After All


So I’ve been thinking for a while now about how far we’ve fallen into the abyss of societal escapism.  I mean, we’ve become a selfie society.  It seems to be about “me, me, me.”  And it’s been bothering me for a while.  What could I do about it?  I’m just one person.  What can one person do?

Some time last year, I had a vision.  It seemed like a great idea but I had no time to work on it and I had to fill my hours with work so I could attempt to pay my bills and feed my child.  So I figured it was just another one of those pipe dreams, too far out of reach for me, and put it off.  We all have those, right?  Great ideas about making the world a little bit better than how we found it?  Finding a way to connect people?  Help the planet?  Help somebody?  We have the want but how do we put that into actionable steps and make it happen?

Then, I shared my idea with a client (now employer/magazine) and was given the go-ahead, so I put an ad on Facebook to my buds asking for video equipment if anyone wanted to donate to this cause.  I got an awesome offer from a longtime friend and VOILA! I got my video camera for the project I wanted to start.

Then the magazine explains they got ahead of themselves and decided it wasn’t in the budget, so this became my baby.  But I was confused.  Maybe I wasn’t supposed to do this?  How am I going to find the time to do this and not get paid?  I worked 46-56 hours a week.  I said a prayer.  Then POOF!  One of my clients dropped some hours due to their budget and I had the time.  Plus, I had the camera, which some dear trusted friends explained was as Mike said, “It’s the universe calibrating destiny.”  That’s the best thing I could have heard at that moment and I was off on a mission.

Don’t misunderstand.  I was scared as hell.  It’s so not me, going up to complete strangers and asking if I can interview them, asking them personal questions, digging into their private lives.  Of course, they could say no, and some did.  And they were given the option of skipping whatever questions they didn’t want to answer, which some did.  And the first day I was to go out and do these interviews?  Well, I nearly chickened out.  The things that stopped me from giving in?  Friends and family who believed me to be courageous, which I don’t recall ever being described as such, which gifted me with empowerment and confidence and a wee might of faith.  That wasn’t all.

The fact I received that camera was God telling me that he had something for me to do.  Be it scary, yes, I was full of fear and anxiety and then I thought of Henry Fonda.  He got sick before every stage performance and he got up and got out there anyway.  And he was bloody brilliant!  So, he gave me power and belief.  I will fear it and I will do it anyway.  My friend donated this camera.  I have to do it!  There’s no turning back now.

I mean, what if?  What if I am meant to do it and it turns out great and these people share their stories and it helps other people in the world?  I will have made a difference, along with a ton of awesome people helping me get it out there, since without them, there’d be no stories.

Once I listened to my first interview, I have to say, my knees were knocking and my teeth were chattering and my voice was shaking but I don’t even think she noticed.  She talked to me like we were good friends.  And we related.  And I nearly cried.  And we laughed.  And we shared.  And I made a great new friend that day.  After it was over, the camera was off and we kept talking, I realized about 90% of my fear was gone.

Now I knew what to expect.  The second interview?  Well, I don’t believe I was even 10% nervous about it.  And the second one went even better.  And another new friend.

Yes!  This life is about connections.  It’s about relating with people, helping them, listening to them, learning from them and yes, even teaching them.  We all have gifts and maybe we don’t even realize that we each have something special to offer these people out in the world.  We all have a story.  We all have life lessons and we can share with each other and become better for it.  And we can connect with these people.  We can see ourselves in them.

I say it’s time to stop hiding.  Put down the cell phone and the iPad, take off the bluetooth earpiece.  And start talking with those around you.  Connect.  It’s what life is about.  Think about it.  We are all family here.  We all are offspring from one family and we will go home to one family.

It’s not a huge contribution but I stepped outside my comfort zone and said, okay, I’ll try this.  I’ll listen and record their stories and get them out there for those of you who are ready to connect and to listen and to build family.  We are all one people.  Don’t you think it’s time we start acting like it?

Here’s my first documentary in a series, which is segments of two interviews bound into one video, I finally had the chance to upload late last night.  I hope you like it.  Please feel free to comment, tell me your thoughts on the YouTube video or here or on my Facebook page.  Like.  Subscribe.  Share.  Help us grow into one overgrown family.  Who knows?  Maybe one day I’ll have a chance to actually travel, go to other states, maybe even other countries.  You can help shrink the planet, ’cause it is a small world after all.

That was the link.  You can also find it by typing in meaningoflifeinitiative youtube – that’s what it’s called – Meaning of Life Initiative or “MOLI” (pronounced Molly).

Any questions?

Love y’all!!  xoxo