Results of Day 1 Tapping Summit

Two presentations were presented online last night, which I tuned in to this morning, wayyyyy early this morning.  I got up at 4am, thinking it would take 45 minutes to an hour to complete.  Wrong.  It’s actually 2 presentations per day, with each presentation being 45 minutes to an hour.  Each lasted roughly 42 minutes.

The first was Overcoming Overwhelm for a Life of Success, given by Carol Look.  These are audios, not videos, which made it a little less user-friendly, since I like to engage my eyes as well as my ears, as I am a visual person rather than an audio person.  I prefer both, actually.  That being said, I still got the point, and learned from the experience.

You can google Carol Look and see her credentials for yourself.  She does hold much expertise and positive results with patients in this field, as well as other fields with which she has been educated.  Jessica Ortner accompanies both of these presentations, asking questions for us, as well as going through the motions of tapping along with saying the statements, as we are supposed to be doing the same.  I believe these presentations are given over the phone between Jessica Ortner and each presenter.

First, you rate on a scale from 1-10 of how overwhelmed you are.  I was a 9.  I did the tapping and the statements.  Afterwards, I was still a 9.  It is possible it could go down over time.  However, I’m not seeing how it could go down.  My overwhelm is due to not having enough free time.  I pretty much run around constantly, even at home, not because I want to, but because I need to get certain things accomplished each day.  It’s just the every day things.  I suppose I could be calmer and less stressed over it.  So, who knows?  Maybe tapping will help me calm down and relax a little.  We’ll see.  But, nothing happened immediately, and for many, it supposedly does.  I’ll do it every day for the next 10 days while this Summit is going on, just for good measure and give it an honest chance.  I have to say I feel like a complete moron when I do the tapping and say the statements.  Maybe because it’s new and I’m not used to it.  Maybe because it just feels really strange.  Or both.

The next tapping was for being or becoming overwhelmed when saying ‘no’ or having the need to say ‘no’.  I scored myself at a 4 or 5.  I would probably say that number was even less, since I don’t have a real problem with saying no.  Oh, I used to, believe me.  Not so much now.  I’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty helping people, helping Girl Scouts, helping my child’s schools, teachers, friends, family, co-workers, etc., that I don’t have a problem with saying no when I know my plate is too full to pile anything else on top of it.  So, honestly, I’d probably score more like a 3.  I do have trouble, occasionally, saying no to certain people, the closest in my life, only because they make me so happy that I would do just about anything for them, within reason.  And I figure that’s ok.  Not really overwhelmed by that.  And no, the number didn’t change when I was through with the tapping.

Next touched on financial overwhelm.  She said you can’t be creative and successful if you are overwhelmed.  I can disagree with that statement, while also agreeing that I know I’d be more creative and successful if I was less overwhelmed.  With this part, I scored a 5.  Ms. Look says you may have to go through the tapping several times before you achieve a calmer state and come to be resourceful and figure a way out of being overwhelmed in any given area.  After the tapping on financial overwhelm, I was still at a 5.  The idea is that each time you tap and say the statements, the number should go down.  Mine didn’t.  Doesn’t mean that tapping doesn’t work.  Perhaps I need time.  Perhaps I need to tap more.  Perhaps this doesn’t work for everyone.

Ms. Look also says you may not get a lower number on the scale for fear of change.  For making decisions for my life, for fear of change, I scored a 9, as I do have certain BIG goals/dreams for myself but keep sabotaging my efforts, because I fear success.  I know most probably fear failure.  I’m an expert at failure, so I do not fear it so much.  I completely fear success.  Many reasons for that.  I did the tapping sequence twice, trying to be clear instead of overwhelmed, and you have to have the want to be clear.  I think I have the want?  I’m supposed to do this thinking and tapping 5-10 minutes at the end of each day.  I’ll do it through May 17th.

If you have a habit of saying yes, the fear of your feelings, you don’t want to calm down or be quiet, then do the next sequence.  I skipped this one, as I do not hold any of those feelings.  Whatever makes you overwhelmed, pick that specific issue and tap on that.

The next presenter was Stacey Vornbrock and she spoke about Breaking Through the Fear of Failure and the Fear of Success.  This one was more difficult for me to stick with through the entire presentation.  Partly due to my fear of success and the fact that I’m so excellent at sabotaging myself (don’t misunderstand, I’m not proud of this).  But mostly, it was difficult because Ms. Vornbrock went through the tapping sequence like 6 or 7 times, but she says this reaches to the cellular level of tapping.  Well, it felt like I went through these steps about 15 times and I was rolling my eyes way before I was finished.  This was tiring, boring, and just felt so stupid to me.   Again, I admit, it is new, so it’s weird, and I simply don’t get it.  I want to get it.  I really do.  That’s why I’m doing it.  But if I don’t get it, I’m gonna tell ya I don’t.  And I don’t.

So, we start tapping on past mistakes, on fear of failure and judgment, 6 or 7 times.  Blegh!  Mostly, I felt stupid with the things I had to say over and over and over, as I’m talking to every cell in my body.

Next was on the fear of success, fear that my life will change if I’m successful, changing to achieve my goals or dreams.

I am to ask myself every time I tap from now on, “What’s the worst thing that could happen if I become successful?”  Oh, I have a ton of answers for that one.  I’m supposed to keep asking and tapping until my answer comes down to “Nothing”.  I may be tapping for the.  Rest.  Of.  My.  Life.


Yes, I know I’m being difficult here, but today I’m questioning myself, “Do I really want to go through with this Tapping Summit?”  Yes and no are my answers.  I’m just hoping the talks given tonight are not so “crazy”, and I know I call it that because it’s new and I don’t quite get it.  I will give it a chance.  Really.  I will stick it out and go through the motions every day along with each presentation and do my homework of what I’m supposed to tap on daily, but for a limited time, and if there is no change, whatsoever, after those days (I’m giving myself 10 days for each, so the ones I watched this morning will be practiced through May 17.  The ones from tomorrow will go through May 18, and so on), I will call it just weird and that it doesn’t work for me.  If it works for some, that’s awesome.  I’ve heard A LOT of positive feedback from people who are into the tapping for all kinds of different issues, and I think that’s great.  I hope it works for me, too.  Like I said, we’ll see.

Tonight is on Pain Relief – (1) A Faster Solution:  Understanding and Healing Pain and Illness, given by Nick Ortner, and (2) Physical Pain and the Emotion of Resentment:  A Surprising Connection, presented by Gwenn Bonnell.

The only pain I suffer from really is from bad posture (I slouch) and the need for a new ergonomic chair at work.  A little bit of back pain comes and goes.  Not too bad or hard to deal with.  Oh, and headaches, occasionally, probably due to a lack of sleep, and lack of drinking water.  Haven’t had a migraine in a good while (knock on wood).

Mama, you might benefit from listening to these presentations and do the tapping, especially if it doesn’t hurt to do them.   I’d like for you to try just about anything to feel better and lessen that pain from those surgeries.  Same thing goes for some of you out there that suffer from pain and illness.  Wouldn’t hurt to just try it, right?  I’m just trying it.

Wow, this was a really long post.  Sorry about that.  I’ll try to be shorter in tomorrow’s post.

Since I’m caught up at work, for now, I have time to check out some of my friend’s blogs.  Yea!  I can’t remember when I last had time to do that.  Free time?!  Awesome!!!!  🙂  Blue Sky Holiday for me!  Or just Free Hours Holiday, since I don’t see any blue sky out there, and I do have to stay at the office.  But that’s ok.  😉

Y’all have a great day.


Tapping World Summit

Have you ever heard of Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)?  I’m sure a couple of you have, as one, in particular, is into Energy Medicine/ Healing.

I am somewhat of a skeptical person, although I do believe in some alternative medicine, as well as some not too commonly talked about untraditional beliefs.  I do believe totally in God and Jesus, and I also believe that God enabled our bodies with the ability to heal itself.  If our body is able to heal itself, physically, then I believe the same is plausible for our brain and body to heal itself, emotionally.

The alternative medicine I’ve tried, so far, is acupuncture, and I tried this for healing back pain and fatigue.  I had amazing results with acupuncture and I only used it once or twice, so I know firsthand how effective that is.  But, that was for physical pain and suffering.  I’ve tried hypnotherapy for an emotional issue, but I am unable to undergo hypnosis due to my trust issues.  Figures.

This post is about Tapping, and I wanted to share with all of you the free invitation that is out there for you to attend an online summit for the next week and a half, if you’d like to see if the technique may actually work for you.  I am not giving credit to Tapping.  I am only a person interested in researching, studying and investigating new alternative forms of healing.  I do believe that our bodies contain, absorb and release electricity/energy.  I do know that energy gets trapped in our bodies, which can result in pain, sickness, depression, anxiety, as well as a number of other negative issues.  So, I am willing to give Tapping a try, as all it is really is a sort of accupressure that you apply to yourself, while going through the motions of stating out loud a troubling issue for you, and then letting it go with a deep breath.

I challenge each of you to check out, register for the free upcoming summit presentations that will begin tomorrow night.  You register with your first name and email.  You will be emailed links to several pre-event audio and video presentations giving you a taste of what will be coming up in the summit, along with info on how to get access to the actual presentations from the summit each day.  The pre-event stuff consists of about 2 hours worth of audio/video information, from 2-3 different emails you will receive.  The summit lasts for 10 days (May 7-16) and each presentation for each day is only available for 24 hours afterwards.  Each evening, the new day’s presentation will replace the previous day’s video.

Actually going through the motions of executing the tapping along with the statements, I felt much like a monkey and probably looked like one, too, but I was alone, so that made me 5% more comfortable.  It’s very weird.  I’ll say that much, but then with most new things (especially dealing with energy medicine, which is an almost unknown field to the majority of our population), they are pretty strange, at least in the beginning.

So, if you try it, let me know what you think about it.  Do you believe it could possibly work?  Do you think it’s a bunch of bunk?  A gimmick?  Psychosomatic?  Just plain psycho?  Placebo effect?  Let me know what you think.  I’ll post on what I think about each day’s presentation and my experiences, if any.  I’m interested in hearing what you think about Tapping.

Let me hear from you.

– Carol

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