Let’s Play 20 Questions

Okay, I’ve had several thoughts about this blog lately and wanted to get your opinion.  I don’t want to overwhelm my readers, so I wanted your input.

I have many interests and I wouldn’t mind blogging about them.  Which of the following would you be interested in reading?

1) Bible study/God/Jesus/Prayer/Miracles (I will be doing this one anyway.  I made a deal with God.);

2) Creative writing & Nanowrimo/Camp Nano (this would include challenges as well); By the way, Camp Nanoers, I’m interested in engaging in some word sprints.  Who’s game?;

3) Quotes;

4) Cooking/recipes/experimenting in the kitchen;

5) Working from home/companies to work for and who not to work for/every day life;

6) Being a divorced/single mom with a teenager;

7) Health/fitness/diet/losing weight/daily working out/super foods and what helps what and what foods hurt you/improving energy, eyesight, and well, health overall;

8) Depression, anxiety, anger issues, frustration, suicidal thoughts, grief (dealing with it & how to take action to improve);

9) Cleaning/organizing (tips, techniques, checklists) re home, schedules, life in general

10) Life in general as I sometimes talk about (with my teen, my mom next door, my crazy furballs, my insane work-from-home schedule, life in the country, Mississippi, road trips, etc.)

Okay, so it’s only 10 questions, which, in my opinion, trumps 20 (unless you just love answering long lists of questions).  So, give me a shout out.  Let me know which items you are interested in.  What are you interested in reading that’s not covered here?  I am great at biting off more than I can chew but I am determined to get back to daily blogging and creative living (writing, cooking, finishing my books) and I’m just curious what your thoughts are.  Comment me below.

And I’ll eventually incorporate photography again, but that will be added back to the blog perhaps in a couple months.

Lata babes!

– Carol

Pretty in Pink

Mama’s Pink Camelia tree, with Hallie, Carlie and Tiger relaxing in the pool of its perfectly pink petals.

Y’all have a mahvelous Monday! It’ll be thunderstorming here till about 2pm, so I’m looking forward to driving in that. Not. It will be a good day anyway.

Cat or Catfish?

catfish 2


They do look very similar. Should have named Carlie “Catfish”. 😉

Catfish photos courtesy of www.animalcorner.co.uk and ferrebeekeeper.wordpress.com

Stalking Carlie

At least this is, I’m sure, how Carlie felt after Hallie let Lilly’s leash go. I’m positive she’s happy to be feline, since she detests doggies, and she can quickly climb to escape them. She’s very prissy and princess-like. She thinks she deserves to be spoiled and spoon-fed, and I suppose she is. Well, she’s spoiled, anyway…

A-Z Archive: Y! Challenge


My young’n.  She’s a cool cat.

Oklahoma City Zoo, Oklahoma City, om…  Oklahoma  😉 – Roadtrip July 2010

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Oklahoma.  We’d like to live in Norman, please.

If you’d like to join us in this entertaining weekly challenge, or see more amazing shots, the A-Z Archive is led by frizztext:


Anybody See A Tiger?

Hallie & Carlie

Excuse the blur, but the other photos I chose would not upload. Got this off my old iphone shots. Got rid of the iphone, but, of course, kept my photos. This is Hallie and Carlie.

Hope y’all had an awesome Mother’s Day! Love ya! *hug*


Introducing Princess Carlotta

Actually, her name is Carlie, and I don’t believe you’ve met her, yet.  I think I’ve introduced you to everyone but her and Moonlight, and ML’s a beta. 

We adopted Carlie and Sammy (litter mates/ brother and sister) seven years ago.  Jet black, I called ’em my little panther babies.  Sammy didn’t appreciate my remodeling and repainting inside the house and moved away, but he occasionally visits to let us know he’s doing alright, then promptly leaves again for a few more months.

Lemme tell ya about Carlie.  She thinks she is a princess, she should be spoiled and spoon fed, she should be given a rub down 24/7, be given treats several times daily, and she just thinks she’s Miss Thang.  You should see her when she’s walking passed Buddy’s kennel. 

Oh, ya know, she’s walkin’ along, minding her own business, then she spots him, and he’s checkin’ her out, and then she hikes up her butt in the air, walks on her tippy toes, and shakes her bootie at him, as if to say, “Look at me.  I am free.  Ha ha hee.  And you are in doggie prison!”  Ya think I’m kiddin’?  I’m serious!  The girl is hateful. 

See, we got Carlie and Sammy a year before we got Buddy and Tiger, so Carlie is a complete snob when it comes to dogs.  She’s thinks she’s better.  While Tiger was adopted not long after we adopted Buddy, so they are brothers and best buds.  Picture big 8 week old puppy and leeetle teeeensy 4 week kitten playing velcro face, and you can see Buddy and Tiger playing together as babies.  (Just let me know if you need me to explain ‘velcro face’.)  They still adore each other.  I’ll look for their baby pictures and perhaps post those another time.  But, this post is about Carlie, so back to her. 

Anyway, she’s really spoiled and she’s actually quite loving…  toward us, but not so much toward the other furbabies.  Tiger is a bully and he whoops her butt pretty much on a daily basis.  She does NOT appreciate being pinned down to the ground, hence her being a princess and all.  The GAWL!  Snoody to dogs everywhere.  But very loving, sweet and affectionate toward us humans.  That’s more than I can say for Tiger.  You’ve read about his homicidal tendencies, right?

Just really funny to be looking out the window, watching Carlie mosying along, then coming close to Buddy’s pen, and changing her walk into a prance.  “La-tee-da!”  Yup, she’s a brat.  😉  But we love her anyway.

Y’all have a beautiful day!  *hug*

– Carol  😉

Here, Tiger Tiger Tiger!

Made ya look!

Okay, so maybe he’s not a real tiger, but he’s not sweet enough for me to say, “Here, kitty kitty kitty.”  Oh, sure, he looks cute enough, but don’t let the little furry face fool you.  He’s a wolf in cat’s clothing.

Tiger (our 5 year old rescue cat) is very temperamental.  Actually, that’s an understatement.  One minute, he’s starved for attention, the next (and most often), he won’t give you the time of day.  If he could speak, I’m sure he’d say, “Talk to the paw.”  He’s actually tried to kill me on more than one occasion. 

He’s a rude dude with a bad attitude, and homicidal tendencies.  The steps to the back door are made of wood with no back.  He’s good about hiding behind ’em and when I’m walking up or down them, he’ll maliciously and cleverly grab my ankle with his arms (I know they’re legs, but…) and hold on, trying to trip me.  He’ll hold on so tight that he’ll draw blood.  He can be pure evil, I tell you. He’s done this several times.  He also jets right out in front of me and stops when I’m trying to get from the car into the house with two arms full of groceries.  He’s tryin’ to kill me, I tell ya!  He is a devil cat, sometimes. Other times, he acts like a sweet baby.  However, most of the time, he is bad-bad-bad!

Oh, and he’s not scared o’ nothin’.  He will jump up on the SUV (his favorite place to sleep – and yes, covered with paw prints) and when I need to go somewhere, or just down the driveway to Mama’s, he’ll stand on the roof or the hood, brace himself, and hang on for the ride.  Personally, I think he just likes to feel the wind in his fur.  Sometimes, I’ll go faster than normal down the driveway, just to see if he’ll stay on.  Mean, right?  The dude ain’t goin’ nowhere!  When I need to hit the main road, I have to hit the windshield wipers just to get him off the car.  Honking the horn simply doesn’t do it for him.  Tiger is a daredevil.  I’m pretty sure if they had bungee jumping for cats, he’d be all over it like catnip.

My friend, , suggested I post about Tiger, as I had told her about him in a comment I made to her post:  ‘Share Your World – Week 6’, from her blog:


So, you’ve met Hallie, Mama, Bug, Buddy, Lilly, and now Tiger.  I guess Carlie’s next.  😉

This marks my Day 26 of Project 366.  FUN!

Y’all have a beautiful day.  *hug*


1st Tiger photo, courtesy of tiger-animal.com