What’s Your Definition of Success?

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Success is a direct result of taking action.

Don’t look at success as only the end result of achieving your dream. Even a baby step is action. Setbacks happen. Don’t let it paralyze you. Taking a baby step every day is what gets you closer to reaching your goals.

Each baby step is a rung on your ladder of success or each foothold up the rock. Success is not at the top of that ladder or mountain. It is in each baby step that you take to reach your destination. Any action you take toward your goal equals success, because it propels you forward. Celebrate every baby step. You are worth it. And every bit of action you take is worth a celebration.

What action have you taken today? What’s your definition of success?


Photo courtesy of me and our visit to Sedona, Arizona.

Journey From Self to Soul


I’ve been across the great divide

A journey from self to soul

Much I’ve learned but cannot decide

The single thing that made me whole


At once I believed I had peaked

Would the rest be all downhill?

The incline was rigid and steep

Reaching the top, I just stood still


I had been blind to my own trail

Couldn’t see beyond the rocks

Couldn’t see through the clouded veil

Couldn’t see past self cast blocks


Standing there, I took in the air

Juniper sweet and setting sun

A larger mountain and a prayer

My journey had only begun


I struggled through the entire climb

More focused on resulting end

Thinking at the top, I’d win the prize

Instead it’s where I begin


Letting go of a place to get to

New purpose to connect each day

Joy be found in the walk and view

And souls embraced bar the way

Rain Like Shards of Glass

p11 - castle rock 1

Tears blow angrily
Against drunken Castle Rock
Shaken but not stirred


The cork busted loose
Drenching steady Castle Rock
Like New Year’s Champagne

or (still not sold)

Rain like shards of glass
Pierced the crust of Castle Rock
All ran for cover

Which one do you like the best or none? I was searching and searching and searching for inspiration. Won’t you join us in today’s Poetry challenge through the Daily Post?  Today, it’s Water in the form of a Haiku with the device of a Simile.

Sedona, How Do I Love Thee?

One of my favorite, most beautiful, magical places on earth. Sedona, Arizona.


More Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona, July 2010

Quite a lonnnnnng, tiring day, but an okay day. Tomorrow is a BIG DAY for my aspirations. I am petrified. Please say some prayers that I am not too nervous and all goes great and positively! And some more prayers for Mama’s sore thumb? Hallie is LOVING her new school!!! And making some cute guy friends. That’s always nice. 😉 Never hurts to have a little eye candy. I wish I had me a little eye candy. *sniff* 😉

Have a lovely, restful evening. *smooch*


I Love Arizona

What I call Castle Rock, but without the torrential rain. The first Castle Rock I posted was with the awesome storm.

Sedona, Arizona

Underwater Mountains and Canyons

This particular shot of the Grand Canyon has such an eerie cast of light and shadows that I feel it holds an underwater effect. What do you think?

I hope y’all had an amazing day. Hallie had a great day at her new school. I’m so happy for her!! Thank y’all for the prayers! I’m praying for a much better day for me tomorrow. Hey, it’s gotta be better. Y’all have a beautiful day tomorrow and sleep tight t’night! *hug* 🙂 Love ya!


Another View of the Grand Canyon

I would love to go back to Arizona!!!! I think I need another road trip.

More of Arizona

Outside the Grand Canyon.

Scenes like this seem very sci-fi to me.  This particular view reminds me a bit of Cowboys and Aliens.

Beginning of a New Day

Sedona, Arizona, USA (July 2010)