See You On The Other Side

See You On The Other Side

I’ll see you on the other side, meaning my life is in tunnel-vision right now. I’m redoing the blog – gonna have a new theme shortly, a new product for purchase (it’s in the beta testing phase at the moment), working on new content, working on the book that will be another product a bit later.

And what’s it all about you may ask

It’s all about self-love. It’s a program on how-to love yourself, forgive yourself, forgive others, eliminate negative self-talk and step into your new story, releasing the old.

Most of us were not taught self-love, or how to love

Many of us were raised in desperate times. Our parents either worked all the time and weren’t there to ‘raise’ us or the parents that were there in body weren’t really there in spirit/ emotionally/ mentally. So many of us were not blessed with the nurturing we should have received. We were not protected or defended. Some of us were physically/ verbally/ emotionally/ mentally/ sexually abused. So now, we have to unlearn the behavior patterns and deconstruct the walls and defense mechanisms we felt we needed to put in place in order to protect ourselves. We have to learn self-love. Celebration of self. Because we are worthy.

This is just a smidge of what the program is about and what I’m working on. If you’d like to hear more, stay tuned.

I’m busy going through the program with my beta testers, studying up on better configurable themes that fit my needs and I’ll be back shortly to revamp everything so please be patient.

I’ll be back in 2 or 3 weeks. See you on the other side.

Reflection and Contemplation

contemplation and quote

Been reflecting lately. That’s why the blog has been quiet. No one seems to be interested in this juicing and modified juicing challenge, so I’m offing it early. Hearing some God whispers. May take the blog in a new direction.

Cursed still in progress

Cursed series is still a #wip but my heart is saying the world does not need a book right now on a magical clan, vampires, and dragons, etc. So putting it on hold for a few weeks… Yes, I will get back to it eventually.

What the world needs now is love, sweet love

In the song of Ms. Stacey Kent, “What the world needs now is love, sweet love.” Starting with self-love. It’s time for us to reclaim ourselves. It’s time to stop self-defeating behaviors and stop feeling lost.

Do you feel lost? Feel unlovable? Feeling unworthy of good things? Are you often feeling unhappy and like you’re just going through the motions, like a robot – even though you have blessings in your life? So then you feel guilty about not feeling happy?

I think I’ve already found step 1 in the journey and I shocked myself when I found it. Wanna know what it is? Can you guess?

Join me on this journey to self-love, forgiveness, and compassion

If you want to follow me on this journey, follow my Facebook writer page since that’s where all the posts will be, starting in the coming days, Facebook videos and live feeds (OMG – I can’t believe I’m doing this – talk about OUT of my comfort zone!!!). Some things will be on the blog, some on Instagram, but most will probably be on the Facebook page.

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She stepped outside her comfort zone

Running after it like a dog with a bone

Not worrying so much about being scared

Knowing she would try as hard as she dared

She feared the thing and did it anyway

Stepping into the unknown come what may

Ready to face each new day with a plan

To keep going and saying “I can”

Never caring when someone talked her down

Deciding to wear her own crown

And do what she feels the need to do

Because she does have something to prove

To believe in herself and not be a slave

To other people’s dreams and thoughts

She chose to be brave

~ Carol Blake



Brave will stand in for the missed post of yesterday. Trying to get the new site up and running, transferring data and files and stats and followers/ friends, it was just insanity the last couple of days. I thought seriously upon going to buy a thick bottle of my sweet red but said no, it’ll be easier to cut out this stuff come January 1 if I just go ahead and leave it out. Sucks, though. I miss my wine. Still got my junk food and I’m going a little crazy with it because I know I’ll be without it for 31 days. Gonna jump in Jan 1 to this plant-based diet/lifestyle and plant my feet (see what I did there) in it on day one.

So help me test out this new site? Can you maybe drop me a line or two? Wanna check and make sure comments is working correctly, all my subscribers/followers were migrated correctly.

Oh, and I believe that the subscribers do still get the emails in your inbox but I’ve learned that followers only get the posts now in their readers, not in their email box, so if you want to keep getting my daily posts, please click in the subscribe box, type in your email and hit FOLLOW and you’ll stay up to date with the goings on around here.

One last thing… I think now that this is an actual website instead of a wordpress blog, anyone can leave a comment. Before, I believe you had to have a wordpress account. Test it out for me? If you don’t subscribe/follow, can you drop me a sweet line, like “Hey! It does work!” That would be cool.

Thanks, you guys! Y’all rock! Glad to be back and I’ll be posting another poem to make it for today’s post.

Hallieday Blues

She’s gone again

Always on the move

I ‘member those days

I was young once too

I didn’t realize

I’d miss her as much as I do

I like my alone time

It’s true

Lately, she just seems so far away

Maybe I just have the Hallieday blues


Moving Day May Be a Week!

Moving day sucks

I put down a few bucks

For this idiot Blue guy

Who makes me wanna cry

He hasn’t got a clue

Of what he needs to do

To make this move less dread

I may seek out the Gator instead


Moving Day is Here

I’ve mentioned before that I was planning on moving the blog, and your subscriptions will be going along with me.  Email subscribers will continue to receive email notifications of new posts as before. followers will only see new posts in the Reader. You will not receive email updates unless you subscribe to receive those on my new site, which you can do on the Subscriptions widget of the new site.

It’s changing from to Just taking out 10 spaces.

See ya on the other side…

And I hope I don’t leave some boxes behind… I’m great at screwing things up.

Redneck Dreams

Okay, so before you start this, you must know to sing it to the sound of Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams… So if you don’t know how it sounds, here’s the video, so after you listen to the first couple of verses, you’ll know how to sing my poem.  Tehe!
He said let’s go get some canned heat
Go to the dirt race track
Talk about our dreams
Needed shades to hide his teeth’s gleam
He was wearing a grill
Things are not always what they seem
She said he was the perfect guy
I’m still trying to figure out why
I can see the end before it begins my one question is


Say you can forget me
I’m not into rednecks, check out Farmers Only babe
I truly have to flee
Please don’t call me again even if it’s just in your redneck dreams (Ah ah)
Redneck dreams (Ah ah)

LOL! The inspiration for this is a friend I used to have set me up with this guy. She said he was my age (he wasn’t). She said he was really cute and nice (he had a beer gut, ugly as homemade sin and his language mainly consisted of GD, MF and the n-word). Yes, this was a blind date. Yes, I wish I had been blind. And deaf.


I was stuck with these people (it was a double date) for hours, as we had to drive an hour and a half just to get to this race track. I had no idea where we were going. So, after “polite” conversation just to get through the night, dirt and grit in my teeth and hair, we finally got back to my friend’s (exfriend’s) car so we could get home. Oh, and my friend’s date/boyfriend at the time kept grabbing my a**. She thought that was a hoot. Hence the exfriend part? She was an idiot. She’d never acted like an idiot till this night.


Not trying to dis rednecks. Everyone deserves their redneck love. Just not here, babe.


Oh, and he didn’t really have a grill. LOL. I could have kept going with this “song” but thought I’d keep it short tonight.



Party of One

Was it something I said

My friends have all fled

I’ve pushed them away

I like to keep people at bay

Can’t help I have walls up

Always been a loner, yup

It’s how I was raised

To be alone and afraid

To let people in



Sneaky Snake

Little girl standing tall

Sneaky snake standing small

Beneath the old oak tree

He was reaching for me

I was watching men dig the pond

No idea the snake wanted to bond

He stood as high as he could on his tail

Tried to reach my hand to no avail

He stood straight up and didn’t wiggle

The diggers and I couldn’t help but giggle

It was surely a sight and not one of fright

Not your everyday ordinary squiggle


One of Mama’s memories/stories was my inspiration for this poem. She recalled when they moved out to this old place and these men were digging out where the pond was to be. She was 11 or 12 and she was standing, watching and one of the men was gasping and pointing and motioning to her hand hanging down. She looked down and saw the most peculiar thing – a little green snake, reaching for her hand and standing on the end of his tail.

Well, you know how animals can smell fear? I mean, it’s scientific that fear has a certain odor. I think, too, that creatures can smell when people are good and kind and maybe this cute, funny little snake knew she was a sweetheart and was trying to befriend her. The man and Mama couldn’t help but giggle. She’d never seen a snake standing on its tail. I mean, have you?! Too bad she didn’t have a camera.



Prepping for January’s challenge – Plant-based diet

The only prepping I am planning to do for January is pulling back from coffee. I’m going from 6 cups a day to 1 cup a day and I started this yesterday. I can tell it’s having an effect on me as my eyes and body are severely tired. I’m just thankful I haven’t had the withdrawal headaches.

I quit the following on Dec 31 at midnight – no more meat, no more dairy, no more products from animals such as eggs, no more packaged food such as with plastic, metal cans, frozen, no processed foods, no sugar, no salt, no coffee, no alcohol. Only plant-based foods (the certified organic foods that you would find at Whole Foods or a community co-op.

Why? Well, I guess I’ll explain all that on day one if I haven’t explained already in an earlier post.

Lost and Lonely

If you have not seen this Lost Panda video, I highly recommend it but be warned, it might make you cry because it yanks hard at those heartstrings.

Fluff and stuff lost

Not knowing a soul

Where’d my mama go?

Nobody knows

Tear soaked soiled cheeks

Scared, sad and tired

Traveled place to place

Just to see her face

Seeking my person

Looking everywhere

Help along the way

Will I find her today?

Lost in this great big world

Until I’m found


Lost Panda is so pathetic. It’ll make you cry, especially if you are an ole sentimental sap like me. Mama turned me on to this commercial. I’ve seen the short version on TV but the long version is better. I have 2 very special stuffed animals (one I’ve had since I was about 3, and the other I bought myself when I was preggers with Hallie over 18 years ago) and this video makes me grab them both and snuggle with them all night long. Let me know what you think?