Days 7-11 of the Happily Ever After Challenge

I apologize for being a bit slow on keeping this updated. Since the next 4 days will be catching up, I will try to keep them short and sweet.


Day 7 – Fitness

To some, this should be a four letter word, me included. Now, if it was spent hiking a trail (but not in this Mississippi summer heat), snow skiing, water skiing or mountain climbing, I’d look forward to it, but the thought of going to the gym, or getting on the treadmill in my living room or simply taking a walk, blegh. However, once I actually get on the treadmill, about halfway through the experience, I’m liking it. I’m thinking, “Well, this is going to whip my bootie into shape while at the same time, giving me energy to fuel my day, increasing and bettering my mood, making my heart healthy and once I’m done, I’ll step off into a high, which I love!” Do you ever get that? You step off the treadmill and you feel like you’re floating across the floor? I love it! However you get your fitness, it’s good for you and it will boost your level of happiness.


Day 8 – Pamper yourself day

Treat yourself to a luxurious hot bubble bath or fragrant bath salts. Light some candles. Turn on some mood music (Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Etta James, or whatever strikes your fancy) and pamper yourself.  This is a great day for sipping your coffee outside just before the sunrise, in the coolness of the day, listening to nature, watching the colors of the sky change and the vibrancy of the green in the trees before and after the sunshine rests upon them. Dance through your day. Sway to mellow music that feels healing to you, or jazz it up and pump it up, get yo booty on the floor and do that happy dance, depending on your mood. Want relaxation or to shake yo booty? A nice cup of hot tea in the evening with a piece of shortbread or a scone is a nice treat at the end of the day.


Day 9 – Get out in nature

If it’s 107 degrees with the heat index where you are, like it is here, try to get outdoors just when the sun is rising or just before when the sky is starting to light up, or get outside at sunset, dusk or just after it gets dark, dance with the fireflies, walk barefoot in the grass, listen to the sounds of nature, the crickets chirping, the birds singing, the frogs burping. Either take a 10-20 minute walk, (just walk around on your lawn barefoot), or sit outside in your porch swing (or what have you) and awaken your senses to the great outdoors – sounds of nature, feeling the breeze (hopefully) on your skin and in your hair, take in the beauty surrounding you, notice the fragrance in the air where you are.


Day 10 – Smile day

Wherever you are, whether alone or in a crowd, smile! Work those grinning muscles! Even if it’s fake, fake it till ya make it. Just the simple act of smiling can make you wanna turn that frown upside down. Sometimes going through the motions can lift your spirits and get you out of the funk you’re in. Look in the mirror and smile. Grin a silly grin. Just pretend if you have to, and before long, you won’t be pretending.


Day 11 – Laugh day

Make yourself laugh! Make others laugh. Tell jokes. Listen to jokes. Watch funny movies. Listen to your favorite comedian. Visit with family members or friends that are funny and silly and let them make you laugh, or vice versa. Do whatever you have to do to laugh as much as you can today. Turn on a fun dance song, pretend you are making your own silly music video. Sing to it and dance around, put on a sexy gaze that can only produce belly laughter! Sometimes, ya gotta be crazy, shake things up, and get yo laugh on! Do this alone or with others. I do this quite frequently when I’m alone and with my family. Crazy, right? Yup, that’s me.

Have a stellar day, y’all!  Love ya!



Day 5 & Day 6 of Happily Ever After 30 day Challenge


I’m a day late and dollar short but I’m here, showing up…

And with that, let us begin with our Day 5 that I’m a day behind on…

Day 5 = Meditation

No, I didn’t say medication, although meditation is sort of medication for the soul, for the mind, as well as relaxation of stress and worry for the body, so sure, meditation can be considered medication, but no drugs are involved with this.

Not to sound too woo-woo, as meditation, to some, can be considered new-agey or something abnormal. That’s what I used to think about meditation, anyway. And I know many who think it’s weird, new-agey or not in line with their religion. Fact is, meditation dates back over 5,000 years.

This is simply training the mind to relax, focus on simply the music playing and/or the words spoken when using a guided meditation, which is what I prefer.

I dare you to try it. It’s the stuff! It’s made a profound impact on me and my focus and being able to still myself and be in the moment and more aware. Although, when I go a few days or weeks without it, I can also see myself begin to spiral downward back into my depths of despair of whatever negative things are going on in my life at the moment. Meditation, for me, helps me to be more aware of myself in the moment, helps me to relax more, worry and doubt less, believe more, while also teaching me to be gentle with myself and cut me a break – something I’m not used to doing. I’ve always been harder on myself than anyone else so this has been quite the lesson for me.

If you need a free resource or lead to some great guided meditations – you can Google guided meditation on YouTube and look for the most viewed or most liked, or one of the ones I prefer to use is an app I downloaded on my Android phone: Mindfulness Meditations – once you download, then click Library, then Mindfulness for Releasing Anxiety FREE (23 minutes).

I dare you to meditate at least 20 minutes a day for a week and tell me how it’s changed your life.

healthy eating

Today, you get 2 for the price of 1 = Day 6 = Healthy Eating

It’s all about eating less junk food and filling your plate (not to the brim, but sensible servings) with dark green, leafy stuff. Baby spinach is great! Eat more salad, chop up strawberries and add a couple, add some blue cheese, or your preferred flavor, and then ever so light on the vinaigrette. Drink more water. You are supposed to get 64 oz of fluids per day. Hot summer days and more physical activity means you need even more than that. Eat more veggies. Get your protein through chicken and/or turkey, as these are probably the healthiest proteins for your body. Less red meat. Cut the sugar. Sugar is probably the leading cause of acne, wrinkles, age spots and other skin conditions, among other internal disease.

Try to get away from processed foods and go for the more organic and raw foods. Berries are great for you! The more colorful the fruit and veggie, the better it is for you. Red bell pepper, eggplant, pomegranate, blueberries, strawberries, etc. Sweet potatoes and bananas are good for you, also, but if you are trying to lose weight, opt to find your potassium elsewhere rather than bananas, because those will not help you lose weight. Kick away the hamburgers, the chips, the soda, candy, cookies, cake, etc. Eating healthy will not only lead to a healthier body, healthier skin, but also a healthier disposition, because not only will you BE healthier, you’ll FEEL healthier and be filled with more energy, thus leading to happiness, or #HappilyEverAfter – woo-hooo!

Hope you are finding yourself a bit happier.  Let me know if I can help!

Love ya!  xoxo


Day 4 – Say “I love you” to You

love you

Welcome to Day 4 of the Happily Ever After 30 day Challenge! How’s it working for you, so far, on your happiness production?

Today is about loving yourself. For some of us, this is a hard one but once you learn to love yourself, even like yourself, WOW! How much happier you will feel and it’s kind of like losing 50 pounds! Off your back and shoulders.

Try this:

Look at yourself in the mirror and say “I love you.” Keep saying it until you mean it. If it helps, pretend you are two people – your higher self and your inner child. Have your higher self tell your inner child “I love you” and say it until you mean it.

Part of the problem of society is being on the receiving end of anger, rejection, being cast out, not being accepted (from parents, siblings, classmates, teachers, co-workers, employers, lovers, spouses, children, even church members – for crying out loud, etc.), so we’ve learned to not accept ourselves, not appreciate ourselves, not love ourselves, so we turn to vices that may not be good for us. It’s time to own these things/feelings for ourselves. This is my path in life and your path and where we end up is dependent on the things we do now and feelings we have for ourselves now, in this moment. Do not accept how others treated you as your truth. You define who you are – no one else. It’s your journey and the changes begin now. It’s time to honor yourself, appreciate yourself and your accomplishments, know that you are worthy of great things and you are beautiful inside and out just as you are in this moment and you will only get better.

Extra points if you wrap your arms around your inner child (you) at bedtime just before sleep and tell her/him “I love you.” And mean it. Doing this has helped me sooo much, as I am a mother and THAT is my greatest role. I treasure motherhood. I treasure that precious girl. So when I do this, I imagine it’s how I feel about my child, and that (my) inner child needs to be loved and celebrated! And so does yours!!!

You are worthy of love. You are forgiven. You are beautiful. You are special and you deserve a happy, fulfilling life! Great things are headed your way, love! You can say these things to yourself, as well! Because they are true!

“Pure love has no conditions or boundaries. Love does not restrain itself or hold back. Love gives and it doesn’t ask for anything in return. Love is a continuous flow without any limits. And all of this is inside you.”
– Rhonda Byrne
Love others without limits. Love yourself without conditions.

Love you! Smooches!  xoxo


2 Days till Happily Ever After 30 Day Challenge Begins!

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3 days till Happily Ever After

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