Redneck Dreams

Okay, so before you start this, you must know to sing it to the sound of Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams… So if you don’t know how it sounds, here’s the video, so after you listen to the first couple of verses, you’ll know how to sing my poem.  Tehe!
He said let’s go get some canned heat
Go to the dirt race track
Talk about our dreams
Needed shades to hide his teeth’s gleam
He was wearing a grill
Things are not always what they seem
She said he was the perfect guy
I’m still trying to figure out why
I can see the end before it begins my one question is


Say you can forget me
I’m not into rednecks, check out Farmers Only babe
I truly have to flee
Please don’t call me again even if it’s just in your redneck dreams (Ah ah)
Redneck dreams (Ah ah)

LOL! The inspiration for this is a friend I used to have set me up with this guy. She said he was my age (he wasn’t). She said he was really cute and nice (he had a beer gut, ugly as homemade sin and his language mainly consisted of GD, MF and the n-word). Yes, this was a blind date. Yes, I wish I had been blind. And deaf.


I was stuck with these people (it was a double date) for hours, as we had to drive an hour and a half just to get to this race track. I had no idea where we were going. So, after “polite” conversation just to get through the night, dirt and grit in my teeth and hair, we finally got back to my friend’s (exfriend’s) car so we could get home. Oh, and my friend’s date/boyfriend at the time kept grabbing my a**. She thought that was a hoot. Hence the exfriend part? She was an idiot. She’d never acted like an idiot till this night.


Not trying to dis rednecks. Everyone deserves their redneck love. Just not here, babe.


Oh, and he didn’t really have a grill. LOL. I could have kept going with this “song” but thought I’d keep it short tonight.



Author: Carol Blake

Writer, Recovering Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

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