Gettin’ Our Kicks On Route 66

I just love this old rusty antique car from way back when. This ghost of a Ford Model T 1932 Studebaker (upon further research at the hint from David, below) stands near old Route 66.  The road, established in 1926, is one of the most famous roads in America, also known as “The Main Street of America”, and “The Mother Road.”

Songs have been sung in honor of this old highway.  There was even a Route 66 tv show back in the 60’s, and let’s not forget Disney’s animated film Cars.

This highway was not just any road.  It paved the way for opportunity and adventure to travelers.  During the Depression, it offered relief to many communities found along the highway.  Due to increased traffic along this route, many mom-and-pop businesses were born, such as the one-of-a kind restaurants, filling stations (and this was back when service stations really meant service) and neon-signed motels that lined up along the path, making this road so famous.

We traveled down parts of Historic Route 66 through Arizona, and New Mexico, and I do believe I heard a soft echo of the past, a familiar ghostly voice, calling out to me from a famous burger joint that we passed along the way.  Maybe it was Elvis?  😉

Settling Arizona

They say ‘you haven’t really seen a sunset ’til you’ve seen an Arizona sunset’, and I’m not sure who ‘they’ are, but they just might be right.  Although, I think the sun setting over the mountains would be spactacular, and I’m not much of a beach person, but the sun setting against the ocean, I could imagine, would be pretty awesome.

Still, Arizona sunsets pretty much rock.

Good night.  God speed.  Sleep tight.  Sweet dreams.  😉  *squishy hug*

Update:  One of my photos was used in a website design.  How cool is that?!  The page isn’t in use any longer, but here’s a copy of the mock-up:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

Well, I really wish I had a photo of me being catapulted into the air by the lawn cable I got tangled up in when my 100 pound dog (attached to the lawn cable at the time) decided to playfully take off like a shot, hurling me straight up into space.  I cried like a small child, but I’m positive it was a Kodak moment.

Anywho, I decided to post 3 photos (hope that’s ok), which consist of (1) our plane ride from Jackson, MS toward Orlando, FL, not long after take off.  This was the launch of our trip to Disney World in 2007.  Best vacation EVER!  And most expensive, but worth it.  The next is of (2) my awesome kiddo, Hallie (pronounced like Halle Berry) on the plane ride; and then of (3) my silly baby on the bus from the airport to Disney.  She looks so leeetle.  I just wanna squeeze her.

Following Me Around Like a…Crow?

This charming little fellow introduced himself to us while visiting The Painted Desert inside the Petrified Forest National Park.  We didn’t have any morsels of snackage to offer him, but he followed us around this amazing, humongous park anyway.  Each time we’d get in the car to go to the next sight, there he was.  It’s like we had our own personal miniature tour guide. 

He followed us to the Petroglyphs at Newspaper Rock.

Here, have a closer look.  The folks who farmed in the Puerco River Valley 650-2,000 years ago pecked petroglyphs onto rocks, leaving a very cool legacy behind, engraved in stone.  This is just one of many boulders with these markings.  Aren’t they amazing?  What kinds of interesting stories can you come up with from studying their labor of love?

Still following…

And he joined us again over at Agate Bridge…   It so fascinates me realizing this 110 foot stone log used to be wood, once upon a time, centuries ago.

Then our friend met us again at the Crystal Forest.  I’m beginning to think not only is he hoping I present him with some food, but perhaps he’s actually a spy.  Yes, I think he must have been hired as a watchdog (oops, I mean crow) for the park, since so many jerkwads have taken pieces of history from here.  Maybe he is employed to peck off the hands of the next thieves.  Right on, dude!  You get ’em!

How awesomely beautiful is this.  Still blows my mind when I’m looking at something as ancient as this large jewel.  Hundreds of millions of years ancient.  Wow.

And yes, he’s still watching me like a hawk.

Fare ye well, my feathered friend, and ha, you did not get a crunchy critter today, at least not with me.  I wonder how the other visitors fared.