Love is the Bridge Between You and Everything

Love is the bridge between you and everything. ~Rumi

On this Valentine’s Day, please recognize the love you hold in your heart for yourself, for life, for the beauty in and surrounding you, your family, friends, things you love, foods you love, places you love. It’s not always about a significant other but if you have one, of course, celebrate them too. However, love is more expansive and complex and is more meaningful if you hold the love and space for yourself and all that you love.

I do not have a significant other this V-Day and I’m actually good with that this year. Why? Because I do not define myself and my happiness around another person. Men are lovely and perhaps I’ll make room in my life one day soon for another beautiful soul but I’m in no hurry. I love me, my family, friends and my life. And that fills me up. I hope you have all the love you need within yourself and your life.

And if you are lonely, I’ll be your Valentine! Because I love you and I’ll always hold a space for you. Because you are worth it! 💋❤


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Love and hugs!!  xoxo

See You On The Other Side

See You On The Other Side

I’ll see you on the other side, meaning my life is in tunnel-vision right now. I’m redoing the blog – gonna have a new theme shortly, a new product for purchase (it’s in the beta testing phase at the moment), working on new content, working on the book that will be another product a bit later.

And what’s it all about you may ask

It’s all about self-love. It’s a program on how-to love yourself, forgive yourself, forgive others, eliminate negative self-talk and step into your new story, releasing the old.

Most of us were not taught self-love, or how to love

Many of us were raised in desperate times. Our parents either worked all the time and weren’t there to ‘raise’ us or the parents that were there in body weren’t really there in spirit/ emotionally/ mentally. So many of us were not blessed with the nurturing we should have received. We were not protected or defended. Some of us were physically/ verbally/ emotionally/ mentally/ sexually abused. So now, we have to unlearn the behavior patterns and deconstruct the walls and defense mechanisms we felt we needed to put in place in order to protect ourselves. We have to learn self-love. Celebration of self. Because we are worthy.

This is just a smidge of what the program is about and what I’m working on. If you’d like to hear more, stay tuned.

I’m busy going through the program with my beta testers, studying up on better configurable themes that fit my needs and I’ll be back shortly to revamp everything so please be patient.

I’ll be back in 2 or 3 weeks. See you on the other side.