Review of Oui French Style Yogurt by Yoplait

Hey guys! Just a quick review while I’m eating it for lunch and it’s on my mind. You know how ADD I am so I figured I’d get ‘er done…

I purchased the blueberry flavored Oui French style yogurt. I was afraid it would have that yogurt twang that I’m super NOT fond of, but it doesn’t have the twang, thank goodness. The flavor is nice but the thickness is comparable to Greek yogurt consistency, which I’m not fond of.

So far, number 1 on my list, as far as yogurt, is the Activia. Peach, Blueberry and Black Cherry are the best, in my opinion. The consistency is light and juicy, not pasty, and no yogurt twang. Tastes like fruity pudding and I love it!! And it’s good for you. Oh, plus the Activia is less expensive than the Oui, possibly because Oui is presented in a glass jar, whereas Activia is in a plastic container, which makes no diff to me. I like to save a buck, myself, but, it’s more than just price – I’m mostly after the flavor and consistency.

Although, upon starting my plant-based diet January 1, I will not be allowed yogurt, so I’m living it up for the rest (or most) of December.

So, still, Activia receives 5 stars.

Oui receives 3 stars.