Two for the Price of One

Two poems for the price of one

Hope your holidays are filled with fun

Yesterday, I stayed on the run

It’s why I didn’t get my poem done


A little lame but today is all about relaxation. The calm before the storm. Went to our local co-op yesterday, as well as Whole Foods and Fresh Market. Stocked up on kale, carrots, celery, ginger root, lemons, apples, carrots, rose water, and I may go back before the 6th. Hopefully, this will last me Jan 1-6. We’ll see. Bought a juicer.

I have decided to do a juice fast. I want to make it as streamlined as possible and I’ve done my research on juice fasting and it does amazing things for the body. It’ll mostly be veggies, since that’s where most of our nutrients come from, and less sugar, so less fruit.

I suggest you do what’s best for you. Make salads. Do juice. Add juice. Do smoothies, smoothie bowls – whatever you feel is right for you. I will do juicing for at least the first 10 days. At that time, I will decide if I want to continue the juice fast for the 30+ days or if I want to add chewable veggies and fruit to the plan, plus nuts, seeds, other wholesome plant-based items.

I will probably add more variation to the veggies and fruits for juicing on the 6th. There are TONS of juicing recipes, free juicing recipe apps, so I have an ongoing list of ingredients. I did not want to buy out all the stores yesterday. They looked at me pretty funny as I was checking out – so many bunches of kale, several stalks of celery, carrots, cucumbers. I’m thinking I may need to get some coconuts and pineapple and make some pina-kale-adas for dessert or a sweet breakfast or lunch one day. For now, I’ll keep it simple. One or two different kinds of juice and water. Lots and lots of water.

I do remember another thing about my last 3.5-day juice fast. Each time I drank a glass of juice, my taste buds really woke up. They were super sensitive and the more juice I drank (even veggie juice), the sweeter it tasted, so I actually drank more water than juice, because the sweetness was overwhelming. That’s one thing about juicing, you will start to taste every nuance of your food.

So onward to the poem for today.


Vampire Tales

The night is dense with fog down the old unlit country road

Perfect atmosphere for vampires, no house or body showed

The Carpathian Mounts are full of them as the stories told

At dusk, all the townspeople locked up in their houses hold

The sun lowers, the night darkens, begins the bellows roll

Shrieking, gasping, moaning, shaken

Another person taken

Townfolk in unison chant peace be with their unlucky soul


Surely there’s no truth to this, he assumed so boldly

Sharp glaring eyes cut toward him coldly

Vampires are but a myth. They’re just telling scary stories

Something to bring in the tourists for pence and glory

Leaving the unwelcome place, more fog rolls in, he picks up the pace

Glowing red eyes, met with a haunting face

I’ll spare you the details – they’re pretty gory.



#30daysofrawinsanity coming up in 2 days

Prep – Four More Days Till Eating Green

Four more days until I’m eating green

I’m ready to get my system clean

Can you tell I’m excited?

You should know you’re invited

To join the rest of us in healthy eating

Every day of January+, we’ll be meeting

Here on the blog to comment along the way

Ask questions, jump in, share your story, okay?

100% raw veggies and juicing is new to me

I’ll do my best, maybe video, maybe post a recipe

Going cold turkey from being a junk food junky

Ready to get clean and lean and subtract the chunky


Prep @ Home & Whole Foods or Natural Co-op

Ready to get healthy with me?

Join us here Dec 29 or 30

Going to prep with the grocery list for week Jan 1-6

FYI, 3-4 days left to get that caffeine, sugar, meat, dairy fix


Counting Down and Five Days to Go

Counting down and five days to go

Will I lose my mind? Nobody knows

Thoughts of sugar and caffeine grow

Fragrance of chicken and dumplings blow

Through Mama’s house, cooking on the stove

Leftovers brought home to stow

For a snack when I get hungry, yo

Enjoying meat before I enter that plant-based flow

How much will I miss it, time will show


Two Poems and Prepping for Eating Green

The poem for yesterday/ Christmas:

Smiles for miles and eyes filled with love

Making memories with family and thanking God above

For endless blessings we’ve received

And the greatest of these is love

The poem for today:

Back to the ole grind

Body’s working but not my mind

Looking forward to the new diet

Eating raw and juicing, wanna try it?

Several of us are doing this as a team

No sugar, meat, dairy, or caffeine

Nothing from animals, nothing processed

I may start acting like I’m possessed

Kicking sugar will be the ultimate battle

Sorry, I’ll soon end this prattle

May buy a blender, maybe Vitamix but not sure

Very excited to start eating pure

Just 6 more days to go

Sit back and enjoy the show

Prepping for plant-eating:

For those of you who might join in

The plant-based diet soon begins

Getting all my foods from produce

May use my blender or buy Vitamix for juice

Who’s doing this with me?

Who wants to join in the insanity?


How Do You Celebrate the Season?

All the shopping has been done

Cranberries and popcorn strung

The parties have been had

Last present has been wrapped

And placed beneath the tree

Treats in the stockings for you and me

Can hardly wait ’til Christmas Day

When the kids and pets come out to play (we’re all kids at Christmas)

See all the beautiful presents – oh what a sight

And play with their new toys morning ’til night

Let us not forget the real reason

The meaning of this lovely season

There would be no Christmas Day

Had it not been for Jesus’ birthday

This special day has been reserved

As the birth of Jesus to be observed

Don’t forget to set time aside

To wish a happy birthday to the Big Guy



I love you guys and I wish for you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever you celebrate. I pray you are filled with joy, love, connection, happy memories and traditions that fill your heart to overflowing.

How do you celebrate the season?




Way Too Many Sweets and Treats

My stomach is squirming

My tummy is churning

The monster is stirring

Too many seasonal sweets

Overdosed on Christmas treats

Varied yummy aromas and eats

Gone overboard with my free diet

Rich foods and drinks ask me to try it

Come January, I’m gonna buy it

’cause my body will feel like it’s cursed

A plant-based diet starting January First

Pretty sure the first week will be the worst

I’m making up now for what I will miss

In those 31 days of healthy living bliss

Getting off sugar will def cause me to hiss

I need to cut back on the sweets right now

Gotta get the treats outta my house and how

I don’t want to be as big as a cow

So this is my last weekend of junk (mostly?)

Putting a little too much in that trunk (Fo REAL)

I’m already a bit of a chunk (LOL!)

Looking forward though to eating green

Gonna be a clean, mean eating machine

Get to my size goal, stronger and lean

Can’t believe it’s only 9 days away

Time to stop eating the junk food buffet

Excited to get this underway

~Carol Blake



The Stars Went Out

Stars used to join in the moonlight dance

Wishing on them gave us a chance

To believe dreams really do come true

And sometimes they truly do

Other times, they disappear

Only to show on nights so clear

But even on those lit starry nights

We don’t notice them shining so bright

Because we are inward, fighting battles

We’re in chains of sorrow and struggle, shackled

What night did the stars go out?

What must we do to bring them back about?

~Carol Blake



She stepped outside her comfort zone

Running after it like a dog with a bone

Not worrying so much about being scared

Knowing she would try as hard as she dared

She feared the thing and did it anyway

Stepping into the unknown come what may

Ready to face each new day with a plan

To keep going and saying “I can”

Never caring when someone talked her down

Deciding to wear her own crown

And do what she feels the need to do

Because she does have something to prove

To believe in herself and not be a slave

To other people’s dreams and thoughts

She chose to be brave

~ Carol Blake



Brave will stand in for the missed post of yesterday. Trying to get the new site up and running, transferring data and files and stats and followers/ friends, it was just insanity the last couple of days. I thought seriously upon going to buy a thick bottle of my sweet red but said no, it’ll be easier to cut out this stuff come January 1 if I just go ahead and leave it out. Sucks, though. I miss my wine. Still got my junk food and I’m going a little crazy with it because I know I’ll be without it for 31 days. Gonna jump in Jan 1 to this plant-based diet/lifestyle and plant my feet (see what I did there) in it on day one.

So help me test out this new site? Can you maybe drop me a line or two? Wanna check and make sure comments is working correctly, all my subscribers/followers were migrated correctly.

Oh, and I believe that the subscribers do still get the emails in your inbox but I’ve learned that followers only get the posts now in their readers, not in their email box, so if you want to keep getting my daily posts, please click in the subscribe box, type in your email and hit FOLLOW and you’ll stay up to date with the goings on around here.

One last thing… I think now that this is an actual website instead of a wordpress blog, anyone can leave a comment. Before, I believe you had to have a wordpress account. Test it out for me? If you don’t subscribe/follow, can you drop me a sweet line, like “Hey! It does work!” That would be cool.

Thanks, you guys! Y’all rock! Glad to be back and I’ll be posting another poem to make it for today’s post.

Hallieday Blues

She’s gone again

Always on the move

I ‘member those days

I was young once too

I didn’t realize

I’d miss her as much as I do

I like my alone time

It’s true

Lately, she just seems so far away

Maybe I just have the Hallieday blues


Moving Day May Be a Week!

Moving day sucks

I put down a few bucks

For this idiot Blue guy

Who makes me wanna cry

He hasn’t got a clue

Of what he needs to do

To make this move less dread

I may seek out the Gator instead