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Hi there!  Thanks for stoppin’ by.  I hope you can stay a while.  I’ll pour us a couple of mugs o’ hot chai.

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I’m Carol and a Mississippi girl, with part of my heart up north where there’s zero humidity and lots o’ rocks to climb/scramble and trails to hike; more of a possibility of snow in the winter.  Skiing…  But Home for me is wherever my mom and daughter are.  As long as we’re together, I’m Home.  😉

This blog started as a writer/photography blog, turned into 30-day challenges, and now it’s more focused on what’s been on my heart for a few months – all about self-love.

I’m currently writing a how-to book on self-love, forgiveness, etc., and I’m developing a 30-day coaching program that I will eventually sell online (it’s in the beta testing phase right now).

I’m a WAHM (work at home mom), plus running after a busy teenager, plus cooking meals, plus walking my dog for what seems like every 30 minutes, and… and… and…

I’ve also been working on a YA fantasy/fiction series but that’s on a back burner so I can put The Self Love Project front and center.

I am a seeker.  Always looking for my purposes.  Always seeking…


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My photography has been used by Esper Media.

I answer questions on Yahoo Answers.  Here’s one.

Check out one of my other blogs (I do not write there anymore, though) at BecomeMoreMe.


Thanks for visiting and I hope ya like my blog!  😉


*updated Feb 8, 2018*

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  1. Hi Carol — I found your blog just now, and am enjoying its lovely peaceful feeling — so nice for a quiet Saturday. 🙂 I have added it to a list of positive blogs I keep on my own site.

    1. Hi Meg! Aw shucks, you made me blush. I’m so happy you are liking the vibe my blog brings. Thanks! Hoping you enjoy. So nice to make a new friend. I’ll have to check out your site, as well. Looking forward to getting to know you. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Lori! What a sweetheart you are. I look forward to learning more about you, as well, and getting to know you better. You have a wonderful weekend, as well! We have had a lovely one, so far, picking out my daughter’s prom dress!! 🙂

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