My 101 Things in 1001 Days


My 101 Things in 1001 Days (about 2 years and 9 months)
Tuesday – January 1, 2013 thru Thursday, September 29, 2015

Go here (these are just a few) and get yourself some ideas if you need some:

Goal and (Deadline) Updated May 13, 2013

Health, Wellness & Fitness
1) Fit into my size 5 jeans, or at least a 7 (Spring / Summer 2013) – In progress
2) Get back into martial arts
3) Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night – Failed
4) Take our vitamins every day – Failed
5) Get at least 15 to 30 minutes of exercise six days per week (some/1001)
6) Eat at least one good source of protein every day – In progress (133/1001)
7) Get one or more massages
8) Eat no sugary food for a week

9) Grow Spring food plants in the garden (Pre-Spring /Spring 2013)
10) Grow Summer food plants in the garden (Spring /Summer 2013)
11) Grow Fall food plants in the garden (Summer /Fall 2013)
12) Grow strawberries (Spring /Summer 2013)
13) Grow corn (Spring /Summer 2013)
14) Grow tomatoes (Spring /Summer 2013)
15) Plant flowers / flowering plants in the side yards (Spring 2013)
16) Plant flowering trees in the back yard (Early Fall 2013)
17) Clean out, till, trim and prep garden when cooler (Winter /Spring 2013) In progress

18) Decorate the living room’s bare walls (Winter 2013)
19) Decorate my bedroom’s bare walls (Winter 2013)
20) Repaint Hallie’s bedroom (Spring /Summer 2013)
21) Repaint bathroom (Spring /Summer 2013)
22) Repaint my home office (Spring /Summer 2013)
23) Make my office organized, well-decorated, comfy place of inspiration
(organized Jan 2013/ painted & decorated Spring 2013) – In progress
24) Recaulk areas around windows throughout house and kitchen sink (Jan 2013)
25) Find perfect curtains & rods for livingroom, buy and install (Jan /Feb 2013) – Completed (2/26)
26) Clean out and organize my office closet (Jan 2013)
27) Purchase more comfortable couch (Jan/ Feb 2013)
28) Purchase more comfortable rocker/ recliner (Feb/ Mar 2013) – changing this to a loveseat
29) Have plumber fix leaky outside faucet (Jan/ Feb 2013) – Completed (2/15)
30) Clean out and organize kitchen cabinets and pantry (Jan 2013)
31) Clearcoat the kitchen table (Jan /Spring 2013)
32) Have handyman put phone outlet in home office (Jan /Feb 2013)
33) Have handyman change all 2 prong outlets to 3 prong outlets (Jan/ Feb 2013)
34) Have carpenter & electrician reroute breakers and enlarge bedroom closet access
(Spring/ Summer 2013)
35) De-clutter 2 rooms of my house–hopefully permanently – Completed (2/2) Hoping this lasts…
36) Learn how to re-finish wooden tables and re-finish my kitchen table
37) Downsize the stuff in our house – In progress

Travel & Family Vacations
38) Go back to Chattanooga, Tennessee
39) Go back to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (Oct/ Nov 2013)
40) Go back to Disney in Orlando (Nov /Dec 2013)
41) Visit Harry Potter Themepark at Universal Studios (Nov/ Dec 2013)
42) Set reservations for Disney in Nov/ Dec (plane tickets, dining) (May/ Jun 2013)
43) Go to Hawaii
44) Go to Paris

Other Structures Around Home
45) Clean out and organize barn (Spring/ Summer 2013)
46) Clean out and organize shop (Spring/ Summer 2013)
47) Clean out and organize storage room (Winter/ Spring 2013)

Family Time
48) Spend one-on-one quality time twice a week with Hallie (tv is not quality time) – In progress
49) Try at least one new recipe per week – In Progress (5/1001) – The lentil soup is fabulous!!!
50) Have 10 family picnics
51) Try 10 new restaurants – In progress (does it count if it’s new to Hallie, but not me?)
Cock of the Walk was pretty good. The chicken. I’m not a fried fish fan. I’d give it a 3 out of 5 stars.  Restaurant was new to Hallie, not me.
Outback Steakhouse – only thing good was the salad (Blue Cheese Wedge). The food wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t good enough to ever go back. Service was ok. The so-called steak made us sad. It was tiny, skinny, not juicy, sort of bland. 1 out of 5 stars. I went to OS several years ago and it was better back then.  Restaurant was new to Hallie, not me.
Dickey’s Barbecue Pit – AWESOME!  Fall of the bone ribs!  The turkey is awesome.  The barbecue baked beans totally rock!  The baked potato casserole is downright tasty!  We will be eating there again.  And inexpensive.
52) Go fruit picking
53) Stargaze and look for shooting stars

Computer, Photography, Drawing, Writing, Ancestry
54) Clean out my various email inboxes and folders (2013) – In Progress
55) Unsubscribe from emails I never read (2013) – In Progress
56) Edit, save, and organize photos on flashdrives, and label all (Winter/ Spring 2013) – In Progress
57) Post at least once a week to my ‘adjusting your focus’ blog (52 weeks thingy) – Failed
58) Write creatively for at least 15-30 minutes per day every day of the week – In progress (some/1001)
59) Post at least once a month to my ‘time for chow’ blog – (should have done that with The Cock of the Walk one, eh?) – Failed
60) Update my photo website at least once per month – Failed
61) Check my photo website email and main personal email account daily – In progress (most/1001)
62) Send and track 200 photo queries to magazines, stock sites and publications
63) Post at least once a week to my ‘become more me’ blog – (I’m thinking of just sticking to one blog.  Trying to simplify.) – Failed
64) Check my friend’s blogs at least once per week – In progress
65) Create an Excel spreadsheet for my business expenses and income for 2013
66) Track and document my business deductions and receipts for 2013
67) Send & track 200 writing queries (2013)
68) Compile 1st draft of my book – In progress
69) Publish my book
70) Learn about the settings on my camera and use them – In progress
71) Resubscribe to (could also go under Money)
72) Resume drawing: sketch some of my favorite subjects – In progress…  Not all progress is good, though…
73) Submit something to a writing contest
74) Take at least 30 photos per month of favorite family members, pets, our homes, our land, and different sorts of things – In progress
75) Finish weeding through my bookmarks
76) Scan in all unscanned photos
77) Print out all unprinted photos
78) Update all my lists

79) Read one book a week (Jan thru Dec 2013) – In progress (perhaps I should change to one book every 2 weeks…   Re-reading The Hobbit (read before as a child)
Read The Prayer of Jabez (1/143 weeks)
Also reading Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain

80) Read 30 literature classics – In Progress

81) Re-read all of the Harry Potter books in a row

Learning & Education
82) Relearn the constellations and teach them to Hallie
83) Learn the basics of French
84) Learn how to can tomatoes

Personal & Misc
85) Update will
86) Write three things I’m grateful for every day – In progress (most days, so probably 80/1001) I thank God every day, out loud.  Does that count?
87) Not swear for a whole week – Completed (2/14) (Made it 20 days in a row, then broke)
88) Spend a whole weekend without computer or internet access
89) Do some volunteer work
90) Dance in the rain
91) Go to the zoo
92) Go ice skating
93) Complete the 5000 Question Survey
94) Complete “50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind” – Completed 01/11/13 YEAH BABY!!!!  BOOYAH!

Money & Finance
95) Get up to date with Hallie’s college savings account
96) Pay off all debt
97) Save money for vacation
98) Save money for Christmas
99) Save $5 for every task I complete – In Progress (5/101)
100) Start a new retirement fund
101) Acquire health insurance

In progress: 22
Completed: 5
Failed: 6

I also made a new page so it’s easier to find My 101 Things in 1001 Days.

And, this completes My Project 366 – posting a photo every day of the year of 2012.

And onward to my new project – posting at least once per week (52 weeks) of accomplishing My 101 Things, and although I’m great at adding things to my To Do list and Projects list, I’m gonna try not to do that, and just complete all those tasks I’ve set for myself and just get those done.  There’s quite a bit to tackle, as you can see.  I’ve got almost 3 years to get it done, so I’m gonna work at it super duper hard, every single day.

Honestly, it’s a bit overwhelming, but not enough to strike fear into my heart, and not enough to start doubting myself.  Nope, I’ve worked on this list since July and I’ve narrowed it to those things that I feel most passionate about, at least for the next 2 to 3 years – the most important of those being Family (friends are included here), Health & Fitness, and Writing & Photography.  When I began the list, I had about 200 things I wanted to complete.  Glad the title is 101 Things.  😉

So, at the end of this year, I would like to propose a toast:

To you, your friendship, your kindness, your inspiration, your genius, your talent, your health, your family, your happiness.

To me, my family, and all those same things.

I toast to us and all our greatest ambitions, to another year we made it through, and to this upcoming year, full of dreams, goals and anticipation.

May our new year of 2013 be filled with endless wonder, more laughter and good times than tears, more good health than sickness, and more productivity and accomplishments than failures.  Although, failures are not all bad.  They, too, have something to teach us.  And remember, if there is something you want to do, quit waiting as I have.  There is no failure in trying.  The sin is never trying at all.

God speed.  And I will be checking on each one of you and your accomplishments and in everything you try and I’ll be cheering you on!  What have you been putting off because of fear?  YOLO (You Only Live Once, or so they tell us).  GO FOR IT!!!  What would you do if you knew that you could not fail?  I believe in you.  And I believe in me.  And remember, “With God, all things are possible.”  We can do anything we put our minds to.  All it takes sometimes is adjusting your focus.  😉

Cheers!  Drink up!

Love ya!  *smooch*


Day 366 of My Project 366!  I really did it!  Yeah, man!  Whoop-whoop!  I CAN do anything I set my mind to!!  I AM a winner!!  I AM going to accomplish all I set out to do!!

A New Day is Emerging

P1110306All day, I have been contemplating my next move.  Many next moves actually, in every area of my life.  There are a few things I’ve been working on, and I am a big planner.  I don’t know if being a Virgo has anything to do with it, but I’m a huge list maker and have really sucked at sticking to my lists and planner as of late.

Possibly with the holiday blues, all the tragedies that have transpired around the globe, the economy down, missing loved ones that have gone on to the next plane of existence – all these things have helped me in not completing all of the things I had planned, and I am still slacking on.  I knew the tasks needed to be completed, but somehow, I just didn’t care enough to get them done.  Now, I’m feeling guilty, but not guilty enough, because they still go undone.

Well, with the new year upon us, I am going to force myself to snap out of it, whether I’m ready to, or not.  I have been working on my 101 Things I Wish to Complete in 1001 Days, and I am ready (somewhat) to get started.  I have got to do something to snap out of this depressed daze I’m in.  Christmas is behind me.  Although, the tree and decor will be packed away on Jan. 1 to help put 2012 in the past and bring in the new year of 2013 with “out with the old, in with the new”.  Jan. 1, mostly because Hallie wants the decor up through New Year’s Eve.  😉  She loves the lights and the tree!

So, I have reached some decisions, finally, with my future, with my blog, with my new life starting today, even if my “101 Things” technically starts Jan. 1.  I’m makin’ plans and gonna see how much follow-thru I am gonna have with all these new things.  Tons of new things.

To start with, I’ve decided to do a ’52 weeks’ sort of blog, instead of my daily photo blog.  This will free up some time to spend on things I’ve added to my ‘daily do’ list, such as checking out others’ blogs, which I’ve failed at miserably the last several months.  This will also free me to actually want to post instead of feeling I have a chore to complete, whether I’m exhausted, or sick, or forgot until the last minute.  I am adding some things to my list, but I’m also freeing up some of my time, so hopefully, it will be a win-win.

I will post at least once a week to this blog, keeping myself accountable, sharing my life and stories and goings on with all of you good people, and, hopefully, keep us all entertained.  It will still continue to have a photo with the post, but it will be reflective of that particular week’s happenings, whatever they may be.

There are so many challenges and changes coming up for me, and some are terrifying, some are exciting, and some are just certain things that just need to be accomplished, period.  So, even though it’s still 2012, and yes, I still have one post due tomorrow to complete My Project 366, I am starting my new changes and challenges tomorrow, on Dec 31, 2012, and will let you know how it goes.  I just feel the need to get a jump start on things, sort of like I did for this blog.  It was meant to be a daily challenge for 2012, but I jump started it in December of 2011.  That seemed to help me, so here it goes again.

And for the new 52 weeks thingy, I reckon I’ll post on a Saturday or Sunday, since for me, that’s the end of a week.  I always used to think of Sunday being the beginning of the week, but lately, I’ve thought “On the seventh day, He rested.”  So I’m thinking Sunday would be the end of the week, and Monday would be the beginning, so I’m going with that I think.

Do you have resolutions you’ve set for the new year?  Or goals?  I don’t really set resolutions anymore, because I set them, and I fail at most of them, because they are set to start with the new year, as if the next day is really going to make a difference compared to yesterday.  No, these are goals I am setting for myself.  They are things I want to accomplish within a certain amount of time – short term goals, I’d like to call them, since 2-3 years is pretty short; I mean, it’ll be here before ya know it.  5 years is more mid-term and 10 years would be long-term.  These are goals I’m setting for the next 1001 days (2.7 years).  Let’s see how well I do with this.  Let me know what your goals are and I’ll make it a point to cheer you on!

I’ll post my 101 Things list tomorrow.  😉

Hope y’all have had a great Christmas, after Christmas holiday, thus far, have enjoyed time spent with loved ones, have much to be thankful for, and can look at 2012 with some sweet memories.  Though, I know some are not so sweet, we must try to focus more on the good, the silver lining, the positives that have come out of the year.  How have you grown as a person?

If you need, start a daily gratitude journal.  That has truly helped me at times when I have fallen deep into the darkest places of depression.  Those things I am glad about – those people and things I’m thankful for – those bring illumination and they can bring you out of the darkness.  Just a thought.

And I hope I’m not being a ‘Debbie Downer’.  From tomorrow forward, no matter what sort of mood I’m in, or what sorts of horrid things are going on in this crazy world, I’m going to end each post on an up note – a happy face.  Because.  Every0ne.  Needs That.

Love ya!  *squish*


Day 365 of My Project 366!  Almost there!!!  😉

Red and Green…and Imagining

I was clickin’ through pictures, and I believe I may have posted this one before, but I don’t care.  The red and green remind me of Christmas.  The path and stairway look magical as if to lead to limitless magic and (to borrow words from Warehouse 13:) endless wonder.  We were already surrounded by boundless beauty, as we were in Rock City Gardens in Chattanooga, Tennessee – one of our all time favorite places.

Rock City Gardens is one of the most beautiful places on earth – right up there in the top 10.  I am such a huge fan of rocks.  Small rocks, crystals, stones.  Medium sized for sitting on, climbing.  And gynormous ones for their striking beauty, majesty, strength, and again, climbing.  Oh, did I mention how much I love to climb?  Besides that, Rock City is full of beautiful shades of green, but truly, there are all colors of the rainbow that can be found along the paths of Rock City Gardens.  Once you’ve been, you’ll want to go again and again.  It never looks the same.  It never gets boring.  It is always breathtaking.  Plus, once you get to the top of Lookout Mountain, you can see 7 states all at once.  Now, how cool is that?
Back to magical stairways.
Mama, Hallie and I went to the movies to see The Hobbit today.  Awesome!!!!  I’m a huge sci-fi fan.  I love Lord of the Rings.  Love J. R. R. Tolkien.  Love most anything filmed in New Zealand.  And many parts of Rock City Gardens seem as mystical as those meandering paths, hills and lands traveled by Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, as well as their many traveling companions.

What can you imagine is under that cliff?  What’s at the top of the stairway?  Use that colorful imagination of yours.  What kind of story can you come up with.  Sounds fun!  I think I’ll go write!

Nighty night!  God speed!  Sleep tight!  Adventuresome dreams!



Thunder, Lightning & Rain

This was our view on Christmas Day, all day. It’s back today, all day. There are lakes where there are not supposed to be lakes. Our socks and shoes are filling up with yucky cold wetness, because even the stepping stones are covered with water. Hoping for just partly cloudy as the weather is supposed to be tomorrow. Please, no more rain for at least a week?

Hoping you have had a great day! Hallie and I went to the movies to see Parental Guidance with Billy Crystal, Bette Midler, and Marisa Tomei. Awesome movie!!! We loved it!!

Top of the evenin’ to ya. Chat with ya tomorrow. Love ya! *smooch*


Day 363 of My Project 366. I have almost made a full 366 days – almost a full year! Wow! I wonder what I will do next. Any ideas? What would you like to see more of or read more of? What inspires you? I want to do something different. Not sure that I’ll be posting daily like I did this year. I don’t know that I won’t. I’ll probably post at least once a week, about what, I don’t know quiet yet.

Fuzzy Christmas Socks


Well, she is fuzzy, it was Christmas morning, and her name is Socks.  😉

Christmas at Mama’s.  Socks got a new squeaky toy for Christmas. She loves, loves, loves her squeaky toys!  Although, the squeaker doesn’t last for very long.  Just like my dogs, they all surgically perform squeakerotomies.  We do so enjoy listening to them play with their squeaky toys.  Sweet babes!  All the furbabes got fun little Christmas treasures, as always.  And they were happy, playful children.

And yes, she knows just how adorable she is. Spoiled rotten, that child.

You Silly Kitten, Wear Those Wooly Mittens

Or is she a raccoon?


No Mistletoe Necessary


Sweet Hallie and my boy, Buddy, swappin’ sugars.  I love my babies!  Merry Christmas! I hope you are having a love and joy filled special day.  And Jesus, I hope you are enjoying your birthday and all your birthday wishes come true.

Thank You, God, for sending us Jesus.  Thank You for His birth.  Thank You for loving us that much.  Please be with all who need you and Jesus so very desperately, more now than ever.  Give them the miracles of healing, comfort, love and peace.  I pray these most special gifts in your beautiful Son’s name.  Amen.  Jesus (Love) is the reason for the season.

Love you!  *squish*


It’s Santa Claus!!



Santa and Hallie, December 2009.

I hope Santa leaves you a special little sumpm-sumpm in your stockin’ t’night.  😉

Merry Christmas Eve!!  Happy Birthday Eve, Jesus!

Christmas Present

P1110662I’ve posted perhaps two Christmases Past, and now for a Christmas Present.  My Aunt Cheri’s beautiful Christmas tables.

Our family has an annual Christmas Reunion, where our peeps from all over the state haul themselves, and their goodies to join us at Aunt Cheri’s and Uncle Jerry’s house.  It was pretty slim as far as those that showed up this year, and seems to be getting smaller every year.  I suppose with so much going on, the economy being so bad, etc.  Gas might have gone down a little, but it’s still pretty high.  Many folks are getting up there in age and maybe didn’t want the long drive.

Anywho, we had a grand time with those that did show up.  Turns out, there were the perfect amount of seats for all that were there, so it was meant to be.  We were all able to sit at these beautiful tables, set with care and such thought, as Aunt Cheri always does.  Their home is always so lovely and welcoming, and she and Uncle Jerry really go all out as far as decorating goes, and cooking, and…

She and my Uncle Jerry – they are just the sort of people who go all out.  You know the type.  I’m sure every family has a couple of those who welcome everyone and make you feel at home, and they cook everything, and decorate everything beautifully and you laugh and talk, and drink wine, and graze with all the goodies sitting around, laugh some more, and reminisce, and laugh.  Good times.  Good times.

Oh, and see those cool trees on the tables?  Don’t they look like wrapped flowers made into a tree?  They look like petals.  So soft and silky to the touch, right?  Well, I touched it and it’s made of wood!  Cool, right?!  I love those jars filled with cranberries and water and the tulips add a nice touch, don’t you think.


And a lovely time was had by all.

I truly hope you are making some wonderful family memories and sharing joy with those you love.  You won’t get these days back, so make the most of ’em.

Another Christmas Past

P1040051Class Christmas party, December 18, 2009.  Hallie was 10 and in the 4th grade and in her jammies, as you can see.  😉  Her grin just makes me smile.

How can you not smile at any child’s grin?  Oh, I do love the kiddos!

I was the homeroom parent for all her classes, Kindergarten through 5th grade.

After that, I guess they got too old for the Christmas parties.  *sniff*  No more jammies.  No more cupcakes, little finger sandwiches and hot cocoa with marshmallows.  No Christmas Carol CDs playing on the stereo.

I don’t think you should ever outgrow these things.  Why is it, when you reach a certain grade or age, you are too old to enjoy life?  I say, Never Grow Up!!!  Jammies and bunny slippers every day!  Hot cocoa or hot spiced apple cider every night!  Christmas Carols from the Friday after Thanksgiving till New Year’s Eve!  Or any ole’ time you’re in the mood to hear them.

I think whatever brings you joy and makes you smile and makes your heart glad, then you should do it.  No matter what anyone else thinks.

And if you know doing something for someone else will make their heart smile, then have a wild hair, and do that thing for them, even if they are a stranger.  Not only will it make their heart glad, it will gladden your own.  It does your heart good to do good for another’s heart.  Now THAT’S Christmas Spirit.  And why not have Christmas Spirit all year long?  It can only make the world a better place.  And don’t we need some o’ that?!  Especially now.  With all that’s been going on during this emotionally heavy time (for so many, or I’d say most, because we share in each other’s pain), we all can do a little to bring someone else some cheer; some love.

And it has nothing to do with money.  ’cause the Good Lord knows I don’t have any of that to give.  Wish I did.  I’m talking about one small gesture.  One small act.  A random act of kindness.  Oh, I’m sure you’ll think of something.  Wouldn’t it be great if you did something so sweet for someone… Then that person did something nice for someone else…  And it went on and on till it traveled around the world?  And it all started with you.  You really can make a big difference by doing something so small.

Call it paying it forward.  GREAT movie, by the way.  Or Random Acts of Kindness.  Great book, by the way.  Call it whatever you like, but try it.  See what kind of Christmas Spirit and light you can ignite.

Tell me about it if you like.  Tell me how it made me feel.  Tell me about the light in the other person’s eyes when you did your kind thing.  Share your idea to give someone else an idea – somewhere to start.  Let me know if you need an idea.

I love you guys.  And I hope you all sleep tight tonight.  And know that you are always in my thoughts and in my prayers.  I do hope you are having a joyous holiday season with people you love, despite sadness that you may be carrying with you.  Do take time to share your love and tell your peeps just how much you love them.  Try to bring joy to other faces and embrace joy for yourself.  It’s good exercise for the heart, you know?  And Merry Christmas to all!  I bid you good night.  *smooch*