Sunday Post: People

This is just part of the line waiting to get in to experience The Haunted Mansion at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  We were in this line at one point.  And just because we went in October does not mean it was a comfortable wait by any means.  It was as hot as H-E-double hockey sticks!  Standing in that heat for so long made me nearly pass out.  If and when you go, and I totally recommend you do, if you love a grand time, you’d be better off going in November or December, if you are a wimp like me when it comes to the heat and humidity.  Plus, the water parks are still open during those months, so you won’t miss out on anything.

We have been on cruises, visited Mexico, traveled by car and plane to many states around America, and I’d have to say that Disney was our best vacation to date.  Mama wasn’t even looking forward to going, except for staying in the Animal Kingdom Lodge since she knew she would be seeing animals outside her balcony.  However, once we arrived on the property, she magically turned from 60-something to 8 right before our very eyes.  I had been looking forward to Disney since I was a little girl, so I had been anticipating its aweseomeness since I was about 6.  We actually used to live in Florida when I was little, but my biological father never wanted to take us, so I finally did once I had a child.  Hallie was 8, Mama turned 8 once we got there, and I turned 8 the moment I knew we were going to plan the trip.  Oh, and when you do plan your trip, try to do so 6 to 9 months in advance, so that you can book all of your reservations for the restaurants in which you wish to dine.  There are princess breakfasts and brunches, awesome, awesome, awesome restaurants with awesome, awesome views.  If you want some recommendations, just let me know.  Let me just tell you that the food in all these establishments were magnificent and we have never eaten so good, nor have we since.  The dining experiences, as well as all the fun you could possibly have will blow you away.

Oh, and as far as the long wait to get into The Haunted Mansion, it was worth it.  Plus, that is the only thing we had to wait long for.  With everything else, the lines went pretty swiftly.  We did have a fast pass with many of the rides and shows, so we could get our tickets with the time to come back, and go do something else until our time came up.

Best.  Vacation.  Ever.

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Y’all have a groovilicious Friday Eve!  😉   *squishy hug*