Rolling Hills, Morning Dew and a New Day

Beautiful green rolling fields…

The sunlight beckoning a new day and the inviting morning dew making me wish for a spare 30 minutes, my tripod, a hop over a fence and a short walk. I wonder if anyone would have noticed. Hmmm… Maybe I should arrive 30 minutes earlier next time. mwahaha. *rubbing hands together, sneakily* πŸ˜‰

Hope all you ladies and gents had a lovely Friday. FRIDAY!!! What a wonderful word that is! ahhhhh! I find relief, release and rest in that word. Well…rest from the office. I won’t be resting much at home with all the trimming, cleaning and organizing I have planned, but it’s supposed to cool off a bit, so it will be somewhat restful. I don’t mind working outside if it feels nice. In fact, it can be downright enjoyable. I hope all of you have an enjoyable weekend! *hug* πŸ™‚