Dog-tired at Disney

We were taking a little rest on a bench during a very long, hot, but awesome fun-filled day at Disney in Orlando (back in 2007), and I looked over and this sweet woman and her grandchildren were down for the count.  Bless their hearts.  😉  I couldn’t help myself but to snap a picture of their cuteness.  All zonked out.  Besides, I had just purchased my first (and only) digital camera.  I had to get that thing some exercise, right?  Yeah, I took over 300 pictures per day x 8 days.  I think I broke it in properly.  Don’t you?  Most expensive vacation eva!  BEST vacation ever, thus far. 

Oh, and does anyone out there know the rules/protocol for snapping pics of folks and having the pics published?  Don’t you have to get them to sign off on a model release of some sort?  I was thinking of breaking out of my comfort zone and doing some street photography, snapping shots of strangers, but don’t I need to obtain their consent before I attempt to get those photos published (other than blog-related)?  Tanx!


Big Bear Hug From Me To You

I’m so very honored and appreciative to the generous and kind-hearted Francine at for bestowing upon me this HUG AWARD, created by Connie Wayne of, and for which the guidelines for this award can be found at I’m so grateful for your thoughtfulness, support and friendship.

The Hug is partly to tell you that you make a positive impact – that your blog makes a difference. Isn’t that what each of us strive for? To make the world a better place by something we do, by doing something we love? It warms my heart to offer a HUG to each of you. One rule is to award the HUG to those who have not yet received one, so here is but a short list:

1. andy1076

2. davidstrachan611

3. Fergiemoto

Here’s a HUG to each of you and thank you for coming to visit with me at my blog, taking the time for conversation, and for sharing your world with me.

Thank you, Connie and Francine, for inspiring us to open our arms and our hearts to embrace others and share our worlds through a Hug and our creative pursuits. Thank you so much for this recognition. I truly do feel encouraged and blessed.